Trinity St. Clair gets sued by not 1 but 2 different agents!

You might be asking yourself how it’s possible that we could go so long without a new story about the antics of Trinity St. Clair. Well, not to worry my friends, we have a good one for you today.

Trinity St. Clair Lawsuit

Trinity St. Clair has been acting as a talent agent for some time now (without a license mind you) booking scenes for various girls. She was warned time and time again to stop doing it, especially when it came to performers who were under contract with other agents — Agents who are actually licensed by the state of California.

Naomi Woods and Trinity St. Clair

She didn’t listen, and now she is facing a serious lawsuit but that may very well be the least of her problems.

While this lawsuit is a civil suit, the RUMOR is that the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office is quite interested in the findings and may be using information gathered during this lawsuit to file criminal charges against Trinity St. Clair for acting as a talent agent without a license. She may also face charges of petty theft, grand theft, and criminal conspiracy.

My source says that the exact list of charges will be up to the LA City Attorney and what information he is able to get from the pending civil lawsuit.

LA City Attorney has previously said that the entertainment industry attracts unscrupulous individuals who take advantage of those with hopes and dreams of making it big but that his office will hold accountable those who prey on aspiring performers to the fullest extent of the law.

These potential charges mean that Trinity St. Clair could face years in jail.

Trinity St. Clair isn’t even 30 years old and she’s already had more than a few run-ins with the law. But this time it may be more than she can get away with. The civil lawsuit could cost her tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees alone, let alone whatever the judgment may be.

But then right after, she may face the fight of her life, for her freedom. And just how much in legal fees will that cost her?

This may very well be the end of Trinity St. Clair and anyone associated with her.

Looks like she’s going to have to put that Bentley she’s been bragging about buying on hold.


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Trinity St. Clair gets sued by not 1 but 2 different agents!

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15 Responses

  1. Really, if you look at it closely how in the world would a sleazebag like Trinity St. Clair maintain a lifestyle with an expensive house and a freaking Bentley? She’s not going to work a real job, she’s only going to be pimping and hooking but in her case she’ll always be on somebody’s radar to get taken down.

    My suggestion to her is to get a stupid job, hook up with some rich sucker(she’s probably good looking enough to attract one), have a kid, then divorce him and she’ll be all set. That’s what everybody else does.

  2. John Does 1 through 20. That means they about to nail some people in her inner circle.

  3. What lawyer is dumb enough to take this case on? I mean wit all the shit this broad does you would have to be the stupidest fucking lawyer ever to associate with this chick.

  4. I don’t think she can really fight this 1. She’s going to have to try and make a deal. I mean it only takes 1 of those girls to roll over on her and side with the plaintiff and Trinity is even more fucked.

  5. I’m just curious about those 20 doe’s. That’s a high number. That’s a large number for what appears to be a simple tortious interference case. There is clearly something more to this than meets the eye.

  6. Porn should just ban her from the industry before she brings the whole state down on the industry. Her exploits are not the kind of publicity the industry needs.

  7. When this story broke I was sadly busy with computer issues to write about it myself but I’m happy to say I have a new super fast one now! woot woot!

    And I’m also happy to say if you guys think this Trinity story is good, wait until you hear what happened today. I’ll try and get the full story up tomorrow, still waiting on some info but long story short, someone got raided again! LOL

  8. Kelli, I am sorry you had computer issues. I hate that when it happens. I do have one suggestion. Since you are completely dependent on your computer to make a living (I feel very sorry for anyone attempting to write a newspaper or website article on a tablet or phone although a stripped-down version of Microsoft Word is free for those devices) it might be worth spending the extra $500 on a spare computer (and it would only cost that much if you do video editing or AutoCAD). I have four working, relatively modern computers at home myself (two desktops and two laptops) although there are two people in my home that use them. I even keep a spare monitor for the desktop computers (with LCD monitors that doesn’t take up nearly as much space as the old CRT versions did). If you don’t do video editing even a $150 refurb desktop from Newegg or Tiger Direct would do the job. Make sure it has a later Core 2 Duo CPU (3.0 GHz or higher) or newer, any i3, i5 or i7 CPU will also work. If you buy new get an i3, i5 or i7 CPU equipped computer. Set it up and make sure it works as soon as you receive the computer from the retailer, a new i3 equipped desktop is usually less than $500 (many times much less). The spare computer can be a laptop (handy during the AVN convention and any Exxotica conventions you may attend), if necessary simply connect a USB keyboard and mouse and connect to a monitor via a HDMI or VGA port when using it at home, it should even connect to your TV if it is an LCD/LED model (in other words, the TV isn’t a half foot thick) and the computer has a HDMI port (the cable is 99 cents on eBay). Go for the Pro/Professional version of Windows if you can. Avoid Atom and Celeron CPUs completely and don’t buy a computer equipped with a Pentium CPU more than two or three years old (get the model number and do a Google search for the information). If you are an Apple person unfortunately I don’t use them so I can’t knowledgeably make suggestions there. I know money doesn’t grow on trees but since lost computer time is lost money for you it might be cheaper in the long run to keep two computers than to lose money each time you have a computer problem. May you not have another computer problem for many years.

    As for Ms. St. Clair, she needs to go get fucked by a tranny and GTFO of the adult film industry. What I really would like to say about her probably isn’t printable on this site. That chick makes the whole industry look bad and those employed here don’t need any more bad press or court cases.

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