Pay to Play: Trinity St. Clair Forced to Shell Out Cash to Settle LA Direct Models Lawsuit

For porn’s own conniving problem child and trouble magnet, it’s always been a pay to play world. But now it’s Trinity St. Clair’s time to pay.

Last summer, we reported that adult starlet, schemer and pimptress Trinity St. Clair had been sued in LA Superior Court by both LA Direct Models AND Matrix Models for unlawfully representing performers who were under contract to their licensed, bonded talent agencies.

Both agents had been provided emails and text messages related to bookings in which St. Clair held herself out as their representative.

Trinity St. Clair's Reversal of Fortune Pay to Play: Trinity St. Clair Forced to Shell Out Cash to Settle LA Direct Models Lawsuit

Radix malorum est cupiditas

Among the talent that St. Clair had held herself out to be representing, and actually booked for shoots, were performers Alex Grey and Naomi Woods (Grey was signed to Matrix and Woods to LA Direct).

In our report on that lawsuit’s progress, we wrote:

After years of heedless warnings, members of the adult biz appear to be through giving Trinity a pass.  And for Trinity, the price of this reversal of fortune is high … and growing.

Pay to play

St. Clair’s defense had been that the ladies booked the offending shoots on their own. Unfortunately for Trinity, the young women were prepared to testify otherwise.

With the women unwilling to back her version of events, in November 2017 Trinity settled with Matrix for a $10,000. At that time we predicted another cash settlement with LA Direct seemed inevitable. And we were right.

Want to learn how to say “Why did I get involved with this bitch?” in Farsi? Ask St. Clair’s attorney, Nader Zargarpour.

One must suppose Trinity is finally getting the message that when you play around with professionals who have the resources and the will to fight, you’ll end up their bitch every time.


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Pay to Play: Trinity St. Clair Forced to Shell Out Cash to Settle LA Direct Models Lawsuit

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5 Responses

  1. How soon before she starts a Gofundme page to cover the lost money she has to shell out to the lawyers?

  2. Oh dam, she is here again ? when will this dumb bitch learning something ?
    I heard in the settlement agreement from what I am told, Trinity would have to pay an insane amount of money without the plaintiff even going back to court seeking further monetary damages, If Trinity ever meddles with any LA Direct’s and maybe Matrix’s models talents again, that agency could invoke extreme penalties model per and incident.

    I do agree with this punishing clause because these reckless low end pimps cares less for a talent showing up at work on a set the next day after being paid some low end hookery duckets never mind bending for the sake of a girls career.
    I mean there would not an incentive to wake up for a 9 AM call time after a late night $400 rendezvous

    Imagine you are a talent agent who pays taxes, employees, rents etc and some scum bag like Trinity who can be heard howling like a ware wolf in her house all night long, then comes along and says she is the new self appointed contracted porn stars now pimp and manager. OOOH and yes trinity wants to own the talents twitter, instagram accounts and she wants the log in information and all pass words to their private e mail account.

    Why is it no other agency came along and sue this scoundrel before anyways.

  3. Nader Zargarpour LMAO
    This isTrinitys Attorney NOOOOO WAY

    This piece of shit FANBOI ? He shows up at the X BIZ award show chasing every porn star’s skirt he can handing out business cards.

    Heard he answers the pones with a greeting
    “need a lawyer” sometimes “opportunity”

    This lawyer probably promised Trinity how much she could win and all kinds of money damages only to have his ” Client” settled in complete surrender.

    The question is would Nader passively suggest squaring up for payment in the form of a BBBJ where swallowing is not always mandatory however always greatly appreciated ? Heard some of Trinity’s girls saying this all the times. lol

    This mans wife is a Doctor and pediatrician down the street from his office according google maps and what they have posted.

  4. I think the pimpette’s Farsi speaking attorney needs to ship his (hopefully now former) client to Iran wearing nothing but her birthday suit and a sign saying “bomb Iran” and simply dump her out on a Tehran street. Tell her that Farsi for “fuck Muslims” is “hello, please fuck me” right before dumping her onto a busy Tehran street. The Iranian military police will take care of the rest, she will be in for the beating of her life. 🙂

  5. I doubt this “settlement” will stop her. She is a psychiopath and thinks she’s not wrong. I’m sure Derek, John, and other agents will be taking her to court again.

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