Jessica Chase Gets New Charges

Jessica Grieco aka performer Jessica Chase is still being held on a 50K bond.

You may recall I once shot her at Southern Bukkake.

Jessica Grieco held on drug and murder charges

The DA recently has added charges including an additional charge of murder, a charge of involuntary manslaughter, two counts of felonious assault and one count of domestic violence.

My guess is that even if she did make bail she would immediately be re-incarcerated on the new charges and forced to get another bail hearing.

She has also been ordered to give a DNA sample.  I doubt we have heard the end of this one…stay tuned.

Update: Two days ago (July 26) she was indicated in the fiance’s fatal shooting by a grand jury. A Montgomery County grand jury has indicted Jessica L. Grieco on counts of reckless homicide, involuntary manslaughter and domestic violence in this case. She will be arraigned Aug. 1, and remains in custody.

  • Jessica L. Grieco, 33, told a 9-1-1 dispatcher she accidentally shot her fiancé while attempting to unload a gun to prevent him from committing suicide
  • The victim, 32-year-old Peter Underwood, lived in the home on Claggett Drive where the shooting occurred.
  • Jessica Grieco aka performer Jessica Chase has a prior conviction for domestic violence in Butler County.

Jessica Grieco aka performer Jessica Chase called 9-1-1 at about 6:30 p.m. Tuesday and told dispatchers she shot Peter Underwood, 32, at their home on Claggett Drive in Harrison Twp.

“He’s shot in the chest. Get here now!” Grieco yelled. “He’s going to die!”

Underwood died of a shotgun wound to the chest, according to the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office, which completed the autopsy Wednesday morning. The coroner ruled Underwood’s death a homicide.

Grieco repeatedly yelled, “Oh my God!” and said: “I tried to unload it. It went off because he was trying to commit suicide earlier. I had to take a rope from him earlier,” she said in the call, which the Dayton Daily News obtained through a public records request.

The dispatcher told the woman to keep pressure on Underwood’s wound. At one point in the call, there’s a noise that sounds like dishes being knocked on the floor.

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Jessica Chase Gets New Charges

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4 Responses

  1. MIKE SOUTH- Jessica Chase is being held on a $500,000 bond. The media has not updated that yet. She has a public defender, but has not entered a plea on any of her charges. The prosecutor found an old case where she sliced her ex-boyfriend open after she threatened to shoot him with a gun. AND the mugshot is a good view of what she looked like daily before she committed murder. She was a vile woman in the neighborhood with a history of violence and was known for acting crazy.

  2. In Michigan she would have another arraignment anyway with an additional bail amount set or an order to remand into custody without bail (here in MI the latter is legal for a judge to order for murder charges, I can’t speak to Ohio law).

    I think Jessica is in trouble so deep she can’t see the sunlight over her head. I also seem to recall Ohio has the death penalty for murder so assuming she is actually guilty more than likely we will have the first porn chickie in recent memory to be sentenced to death for a crime. Whether we will actually see the first legal porn chickie execution I can’t predict (due to fast changing case law in this regard and thanks to a pansy anarchist EU drug company refusing to sell the drugs needed for a “humane” execution to US customers — I say just shoot or hang death penalty convicts) but barring extenuating circumstances she will probably be sentenced to death.

  3. FJC, I bet Mike is wishing he had not fucked Jessica Chase (as in him inserting his dick into her “holes”) right now. Mike and his websites were Jessica’s route of entering porn and if I were him I would be wondering if this possibly could have went different and there was a chance of her being around causing multiple people to be killed on a porn set. Fortunately that didn’t happen but in retrospect the possibility was there. Mike is probably also fending off multiple Ohio media reporters wanting interviews as to what she was like to work with and whether there was any indication to him of her being able to do something like this.

    As for Jessica’s bail I am glad she is in on $500K bail. That will ensure she can’t kill anyone in the free world while the police finish investigating the situation and can determine whether she likely killed her husband or whether this was truly a misunderstanding. If she is innocent I am sorry but a few innocents have to be caught in the law enforcement snare in order to get most of the guilty, if she is really innocent I hope this is sorted out and she is allowed to continue her life. If she is guilty I hope she receives 20 years of nightly “five bubba” treatments before she is executed by whatever method is used at that time.

  4. I wrote my comment earlier and just re-read it. I tried to make this clear but I am not intending to excoriate Mike. He didn’t do anything wrong hiring Jessica for a scene, no one knew at the time that she was (allegedly) a loose enough cannon that she could kill someone. I was commenting as to what I would be thinking in his situation with this and actually feel bad for him being thrown into this mess. I just had trouble adequately communicating that IMO upon re-reading my comment with some time passing between commenting and re-reading it. Apologies to Mike if my comment was comprehended in a way I didn’t intend by anyone.

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