Is Trinity St. Clair exploiting young girls like Keisha Grey after she was arrested?

Hey Mike man, did you see that shit that Trinity St. Clair did? I know you are probably rolling your eyes going oh shit what now? lol Well, I don’t know if you know or not but Keisha Grey got busted for drugs in March down and Florida and low and behold, who exploits the poor girl now that’s she down on her luck? Trinity St. Clair of course.

Trinity St. Clair is now pimping out Keisha Grey on her Porn Companions website. She’s not even going to the highest bidder. Keisha Grey is hot. She should be going for top rates, but she’s not. I contacted Trinity to book Keisha and was shocked how low she was willing to come bang me for. I feel bad for Keisha Grey. She got busted for drug possession in Florida. That’s not fucking fun for anyone. But what kind of trash exploits a girl who is down on her luck like that?

Man Mike you’ve gotta let people know to avoid people like Trinity St. Clair. She’s nothing but trouble. She tricks a girl into doing privates, she knew her house was hot but she still kept booking scenes, letting producers get fucked over with fines. There is so much fucked up shit Trinity St. Clair has done. How has she not been run out of the industry by now? Look at Keisha Grey’s mug shot. The girl clearly needs help, not be taken advantage of by low life scum like Trinity.

Keisha Grey Mugshot

I looked into this and Keisha Grey was in fact booked in Collier County, Florida on 3/15/2017 for possession of a control substance without a prescription as well as being in possession of drug paraphernalia. She bonded out the next day for $7,000 and her court date was set for April 10, 2017.

You can see her mug shot listed above. I blocked out her real name, from the image sent to us, out of respect for her privacy.

No mention of this incident was made on Keisha Grey’s twitter account, nor her association with Trinity St. Clair. As you can see however from the screen capture below, Keisha Grey is in fact, right on the front page of Trinity St. Clair’s escorting website.

I personally don’t have any problem with a girl escorting to make some extra money, especially if she isn’t getting the work, but I also agree with the person who wrote in about this whole thing. Don’t take advantage of a girl who is having problems.

Don’t blast her name and photo everywhere to try and draw in John’s. Man Trinity St. Clair just doesn’t seem to have any fucking ethics or morals at all. Is there anything she won’t do?

161873cookie-checkIs Trinity St. Clair exploiting young girls like Keisha Grey after she was arrested?

Is Trinity St. Clair exploiting young girls like Keisha Grey after she was arrested?

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  1. I can’t speak to the specific circumstances of Keisha’s arrest as this is the first I have heard of it. However, the controlled substance without prescription alone (without the paraphernalia charge) could simply have meant she was legally taking a prescription and was carrying it without a labeled bottle with the doctor’s name, pharmacy and medication name/dosage. If that were the case I would expect the charges to be dropped when proof of prescription was given to the prosecutor or court by a criminal defense attorney. The paraphernalia charge combined with the controlled substance violation could be more telling. Paraphernalia means a crack/marijuana pipe, syringe (for heroin or methamphetamine), razor blade (for powder heroin or cocaine) or something else along those lines. This shows (assuming the charges are true) that Keisha is using the drugs “recreationally” and if she is injecting them she is likely addicted. Chippers (those using once in a while to get high) don’t usually inject their drugs. Drug addicts usually inject when they develop such a tolerance to the drug that snorting or swallowing don’t produce a high or getting that high costs via that mode of administration costs too much, injecting is a more efficient manner of taking drugs so a lower dosage will get the person high (for example with morphine 10mg swallowed is equivalent to 1mg injected directly into a vein).

    If Keisha had a crack pipe that also shows she is likely an addict, smoking freebase/crack is a more efficient manner of administering cocaine than the more common snorting of cocaine powder (and the process of making crack removes most “filler” present in powder cocaine sold on the street), crack is something people transition to when they no longer can reasonably get high off of powder and usually only after someone is addicted to cocaine. If she was caught with marijuana and a marijuana pipe then IMO the charges are asinine and I feel sorry for her. If she was charged with paraphernalia based on a razor blade for cutting up heroin or cocaine into snort-able powder that could mean she was just screwed by the cop that arrested her and the criminal justice system. Hell, I have a couple of boxes of razor blades in my medicine cabinet, I shave with a traditional double-edged disposable razor blade and a 50’s era Gillette double-edged razor that uses those blades. Disposable single-edge razor blades (more common with powdered drug users than the double-edge variety) are used in paint scrapers and single-edge razors that use those blades. I also have a box of those in my home (for legitimate reasons). I would hope that simply having possession of razor blades in my home would not get me arrested for drug paraphernalia possession charges when I have a legal reason to have them in my home (no, I don’t carry them on my person unless I am bringing them home from the store or mailbox or am traveling away from home and then they would be in my suitcase or shaving kit bag along with my razor, a tube or puck of shaving soap, my shaving cup and my shaving brush — not in my pocket). Of course there aren’t any illegal drugs in my home and I don’t expect there ever will be.

  2. Asher, Keisha has one pimple on her face. It could be a recent meth addiction where the damage hasn’t progressed very far or it could just be a normal pimple. I hope it isn’t meth, you can Google Tanner Mayes to see what meth does to a person in porn (her facial appearance hadn’t went to hell yet but there are pictures of her online further into her meth addiction that shows what meth can do to someone’s face). JM Productions Outrageous Outtakes 4 features the clusterfuck Tanner was on their set one day after partying until 2am the night before and having a nervous breakdown on set about 12 hours later. Keisha actually looks better in her booking photo than she does with full makeup on her face in her movies — that is hard to do considering most jurisdictions make women remove all makeup before her mug shot is taken (showing she would do better with her appearance to lose 80% of the makeup she wears on screen).

  3. I didn’t want to get into this but since some jackass decided to drag me into it, here we are. #1 That’s not just one pimple. That’s more like a rash on the side of her face.

    Is it drug related? I have no clue. I’m not a doctor. I can say her face looked nothing like this last year. But I’m also a girl so I can say we all have bad breakouts from time to time so who knows.

    I don’t do any drugs, never have and even I get an occasional spot. It just happens when you are a girl, at least once a month. 😛

    As far as her arrest goes, it sucks. I’m sorry it happened to her, but heck, if you don’t want the world to know you have been arrested for drugs, don’t do drugs. It’s really that simple. All arrests are public record.

    As far as the article itself, I so totally agree … “The girl clearly needs help, not be taken advantage of by low life scum like Trinity.”

    It breaks my heart to see girls in bad situations and then some horrible person swoops in to take advantage of them. Trinity did it before and will do it again.

    I remember hearing somewhere about Alex Grey. The little girl’s boyfriend just died and Trinity swooped in and took over her life, her twitter, her email, website, everything. Even locked her in her room each night FROM THE OUTSIDE! Who the heck does that?

    Trinity St. Claire is a preditor, pure and simple.

  4. Kelli, I apologize if my post was the “jackass” post. I will stand by what I said, however. I just took another look at her face and only found one major blemish. She does have a few spots from past pimples that seem to have healed and left a light scar. However, as you said yourself, most women (and men for that matter) get pimples on occasion. I also don’t see where her scarring and breakouts equate to a likely meth addiction, the scarring and lesions don’t appear to be that severe and numerous. I hope this is just a cop’s misunderstanding about some medication she had on her of which she had a prescription. If she did get caught with illegal drugs she likely just bought herself a stay in a county jail in Florida. Whether this wakes her up (assuming she was actually carrying drugs illegally) we won’t know for a while. For the record I think all drugs should be legalized, their purity and filler ingredients regulated and the drugs sold at licensed liquor stores along with their booze. Putting people like Keisha in jail over recreational use of drugs is asinine and frankly a waste of my tax dollars.

    As for Trinity St. Clair, if the article recently posted here is correct and she is holding women prisoner she needs to be held prisoner herself — in state prison. She also needs long “therapy” sessions with the prison’s “five bubba guard club”. I will be the first to say prostitution should be legal but essentially kidnapping, holding prisoner and pimping out anyone involuntarily is enough of an offense IMO to justify a few years of nightly “five bubba guard club” beatings/reamings/whatever they do in California to punish idiots like Trinity St. Clair. Trinity’s “house of horrors” creating heavy car traffic likely being driven by drunk/high drivers rushing to get their dicks sucked off by her sex slaves in a neighborhood where kids probably play on the streets all day is asinine and dangerous, someone will eventually drive through there so drunk or high that some kid gets run over and severely injured or killed as a result. I know when I went looking for prostitutes I was usually drunk as hell, fortunately in my area the hookers gathered on a street corner in the business district and it was late enough at night where kids weren’t out in that area of town. I sure wouldn’t want her “house of ill repute” in my neighborhood.

  5. mharris127 love your post and writing style. Mostly agree with your stand Not always , however this makes things more an interesting read

  6. Thank you, Billy. I appreciate the complement. As for agreeing with me, I don’t expect anyone to agree with me 100% of the time — I certainly don’t know anyone that I agree with on absolutely everything.

  7. No no MHarris, I didn’t mean you, I apologize. I didn’t actually write this original post but some jackass told her that I did. So therefore dragging me into the whole thing. 😛

    I honestly wasn’t even going to originally even comment on this post since I wasn’t the author but since some people want to bring me into it, I’ll just give my two cents after all.

  8. According to Keisha’s twitter page she got caught with these marijuana gummies called edipure.

    If this is the case then this whole thing seems a little bit over blown.

    Why has Mikes website all of a sudden become this Anti-Trinity St. Clair site?

  9. Because she is the epicenter of porn news right now. Her and Riley Reynolds.

  10. That is OK, Kelli. Apology accepted. Unfortunately I sometimes succeed in being a “jackass” or worse whether I intend to or not. I am glad I didn’t do so in this case. Thank you for clarifying.

    Regarding mdxxx’s post, if she really only was caught with marijuana gummies I agree this is overblown. If that is the case, though, where does the drug paraphernalia come into play? Last I knew it a gummy wasn’t drug paraphernalia, if it were my ten year old niece could be getting arrested every week (no, her gummy bears don’t contain marijuana but with most paraphernalia laws it doesn’t matter if drugs are actually present).

    For the record regarding Trinity St. Clair, even when Mike was the primary writer for this site she was making headlines here for her antics. It is just that now instead of one person up her proverbial ass it is at least two. Search “Richard Nanula” for some of the articles. IMO she needs her attitude adjusted, immediately! She may be (occasionally) cute but she still needs some “five bubba” treatments at a California women’s prison. Before that, though, Trinity St. Clair and Riley Reynolds need to do a scene together — he can give her his herpes and she can get her pussy and ass gaped by Riley’s dick. This will be one of the few times I actually advocate someone giving another person a VD. Too bad JM isn’t still producing Gag Factors or Violations, she is actually deserving of one of each. Maybe Trinity should get a gokkun scene somewhere (where she would be swallowing 60 loads of Soledad’s, San Quentin’s and Corcoran’s skankiest male cum) as well — Ashley Blue frying that cum into an omelet mixed with pieces of habanero pepper then shoving it down her throat would add to the torture for her.

  11. Schlermy, I would have to agree regarding Trinity St. Clair. However, I think Keisha may be early enough into the drug world that she could be pulled out. If the drug was really marijuana gummies I wouldn’t be too concerned about addiction but last I knew gummies weren’t paraphernalia. Paraphernalia would be a syringe, crack pipe, spoon caked with cocaine, meth or heroin residue, a straw with the same residue, (at least theoretically) a butane torch, a bong (sorry, gummies don’t qualify as a bong) and in rare cases tin foil could also be paraphernalia (people smoke black tar heroin and occasionally opiate pills with it but black tar heroin is mainly available on the west coast and Keisha was arrested in Florida where my understanding is that the heroin is usually in powder form). A bong is used to smoke marijuana in either oil or ground leaf form, there is also such a thing as a marijuana pipe for leaf form only. I am trying to make my posts self-explanatory as most people reading and posting here aren’t the drug addicts and fuck-ups of the porn industry (frankly, I haven’t used anything on this list but opiate pills and that is all legal use — but decades around a university tends to educate people on drug usage) but if you need further explanation first do a Google search for pictures and detailed explanations (I can’t post pictorials here and a picture is really worth a thousand words on this one) and if that doesn’t explain it then ask here and I will be happy to attempt a more thorough answer.

    One concern here is her sister, Karlee (I think that is how it is spelled and a Google search comes up with tens of the ubiquitous tube site listings). Is Keisha leading her down the path of no return or is she managing to stay relatively sober. That might be worth looking into by the author of this article. Regarding Sasha Grey, I don’t think she is related to this crew.

  12. If that is the case, though, where does the drug paraphernalia come into play? Last I knew it a gummy wasn’t drug paraphernalia.”

    My thoughts exactly. If it were really only 3 gummies, why nail her for the paraphernalia charge as well?

    And no Sasha Grey is of no relation. 😛

  13. With druggies there’s always an explanation of why they’re getting screwed over by the cops: “I’m holding it for a friend” or whatever. Sometimes you gotta go by the old mainstay: “Porn Whores LIE”.

  14. Guess Keisha didn’t care to much about being called out for being a discount rate hooker because she’s still listed on trinity’s escort site.

  15. Does anyone know what ended up happening with Keisha and her drug charges? A Google search doesn’t bring anything up.

  16. “Porn Whores Lie?”

    1. Dude, everybody lies about that stuff
    2. How about “Why is this a crime?” or at least, “Why would this be of any sort of shame to me”

  17. I know this an an old post but there is just so much disinformation. I thought I’d clear up some things. It was a big deal because “edibles” fall under federal law. even though she purchased the gummies legally, they are illegal to possess in Florida (US drug laws ..amirite?) She was facing up to five years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines. She also got caught with few strips of wax. It’s like shatter but softer and easier to deal with. Shatter and waxes are just different forms of weed oil in different consistencies. Shatter is very brittle and “shatters” when broken up. Think frozen toffee. For wax think of toffee at room temp. The paraphernalia would have been a lighter and probably a can or glass pipe. You heat up the wax in the bottom side of a pop can and inhale the vapor or heat it in a glass pipe till it turns into a liquid and you hit the pipe so to speak. It’s highly concentrated thc. Wicked body stone. In the end she plead out and got a fine and some probation I believe. What a lot of people don’t know is she came into the biz she was part of a group of girls from Miami who all came in roughly at the same time. Abella Danger and Marsha May were childhood best friends (and much more). They were thick as thieves. I’m not sure when Keisha entered the picture but they all knew each other before they entered the industry. A fourth girl (former ex of your favorite agent frm Hot Girls Wanted fame) joined this foursome later on and they and a few others were dubbed the Xanax four or the Xanax kids among other unflattering nicknames. It soon caught up with Danger and Keisha. Danger was the first to wisen up and her career started to take off. I think Keisha seen that and wanted the same but for Keisha it was more of a challenge and voiced her struggles on her Twitter was actually her fans how seemed to get her though. Most of the porn people she rode with didn’t wanna stop. She had to ditch some enabaling “friends” and eventually freed herself from the hold it had. We all know May’s drug use just escalated and may be the reason for her and Dangers dust up. Oh and and Karlee and Keisha are not related irl in any form whatsoever, ya long winded baffoon 😉 lolol. Regards Matt

  18. Thank you for the update, Matt. As for Keisha and Karlee, they were claiming to be sisters at the time of my comment. Also, I didn’t know Abella Danger was mixed up in this crowd, Spiegs must have got her cleaned up quickly. I hope Keisha and Karlee are doing OK nowadays and the bubba dick Keisha got the night of her arrest didn’t hurt her too badly. As for Marsha May, her child rapist ass needs to be locked up for life and she deserves every Coke can bubba dick that can be stuffed in her ass, since she likes to rape kids she deserves to be raped herself!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Thanks for taking my lighthearted jab for went it was intended to be. 100% agree on Marsha “Big Chesta Molesta” May. Remember Danger was part of the group that was attacking other models headed by Adrianna Chechik. She is no angel. Her and May were inseparable up to only a few years ago. May has admitted to using as young as 12 Teens who do drugs run with other teens who do drugs. For whatever reason and whenever it happened, Rosa stopped and Marsha didn’t. It’s not an easy road to recovery for anyone. Now imagine being who they are doing what they do while trying to start a road to recovery. I was near 15 years older then these girls and in no way a public figure when I got clean. It was inconceivable to me to stop at their age and I have nothing but respect for both Keisha and Danger. I wish them and any one else, who needs and chooses sobriety a successful journey. Kind Regards Matt

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