Here’s a bag of weed

Here’s a bag of weed, now go fuck yourself.

Here’s a bag of weed, enjoy the moment, because you have no future. This what society is saying to today’s youth. The overwhelming vast majority 18 to 24 year olds have no life skills and are clueless about how the world works. They can’t repair a hole in their socks without a video to explain it and most of them will lose interest before finishing said video. In our universities they’re preyed upon by faculty demagogues, whom they see as parental figures because they’ve been raised on institutionalized childcare and education, mere roommates in their own family homes. Our young have, in effect, become controlled prey for the establishment. Often they’re only choice is to turn themselves into sycophants for the ruling class, hoping that sucking up will win them favor or financial assistance.

Government and law enforcement have become unaccountable, uncontrollable and totalitarian. Democracy is proclaimed as being the highest and most free form of government rule. This proclamation is touted by the education system, the entertainment industry and even in churches. This doctrine has literally infiltrated the human collective psyche and every aspect of modern society. It’s to the point that it has become unquestionable and yet, medieval peasants had a less intrusive government that we do. Over the last 50 years, freedom and a life without fear of needless governmental interference in our private lives has so drastically decreased that we are now on par with what would have been considered dictatorships in the 1970s.

So how did we get here?

There are two dominate factors that have lead to the current situation. Unfortunately, as unpopular as it is, the first problem involves the current generation who’s in power, the baby boomers. The Gen-Xr’s and even older Millenials, could have predicted the problems we currently face, and should have done something to prevent them. But the generation in power, their parents’ generation, either ignored or belittled them, their whole existence. Out-numbered and out-gunned (lacking influence, opportunity and resources), they just gave up trying. Unlike previous generations, people born between 1970 to 1985 never challenged their elders for power. Therein lies the first failure.

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The Boomers collectively (yes individual exceptions exist, but as a whole those are the exception, not the rule), are the original “Me Generation” who profited greatly from the moral fortitude of four previous generations. Their parents lived through the 2nd world war and a childhood during the Great Depression. Whereas their grandparents who also dealt with the economic problems of the 30s, fought in the 1st world war. Lastly, their great grandparents were Victorians born in the 19th century. (Albeit, for some these might have been grandparents).

Great leaps in technology, economic policies and the vanquishing of communism and similar political doctrines were not accomplished by the baby boomers. Instead, their contributions are mostly cultural and social. Woodstock, disco, normalized drug addictions, destruction of the nuclear family and irresponsible casual sex, have been their gift to the world. The generation who’s slogan was “it’s all about me”, who said that they were going to retire by 45, has continued to plague the world with the same juvenile behaviorism and politics that emanated from their high school “cliques”. Eg: “If I like you and you tell me what I want to hear, then I’ll hire /promote you. But, disagree with me, and you’re an idiot who must be destroyed.” To put it bluntly, “Kiss my ass or else.”

The 2nd factor is that everything which enforces democracy is non-democratic.

Acknowledging controversies concerning the accusations of electron fraud, society is conveniently unaware that for every elected politician there’s hundreds, perhaps thousands, of government bureaucrats and enforcement officers who are far more intrusive, wielding the greatest negative impact in the lives of private citizens. Almost none of these people are elected or by any means, chosen by the public whom they dominate.

Minor examples of these authoritarian organizations include education system which dictate what your children learn, or zoning authorities which legislate where someone is allowed to live, or work. At the other end, the most major example of non-elected totalitarianism is law enforcement. These government enforcers have no true independent oversight. Even the court systems, won’t indulge a complaint against law enforcement until it’s first gone through the process of pursing rectification through the actual agency which created the conflict situation. This is akin to allowing criminals determine their own innocence.

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The primary role of a police officer is to intimidate individuals into submission. Today they carry a veritable arsenal of tools. In addition to guns, they have tasers, pepper spray and body armor. What’s more, with the touch of a button, they can summon more equally armed individuals. To anyone they engage, the message is clear. “Respect my authority, you have the right to comply; or else feel my wrath” – The voting public has no say in how or why these individuals are hired, because these people are there to protect the “lawmakers” not the individual.

Considering the unchecked narcissism and entitlement of the Boomer generation, coupled with the apathy and defeatism of Gen-X and older Millennials, it’s not surprising that government agencies have been weaponized against the public. Unfortunately, members of the Breakfast Club era won’t take a stand against their parents. Meanwhile the younger generations are too busy demanding a larger and more powerful government in a false belief that it will rectify the current situation.

As current conditions stand, the only hope for the future is a complete economic collapse, after the Baby Boomers’ natural demise (“He who dies with the most toys, wins!”). So, to all you young adults, here’s a bag of weed. If something radical doesn’t happen soon, you’ll be in your 40s before any of this mess gets cleaned up. It looks like, getting high is the only coping strategy you have left.




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Here’s a bag of weed

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