There is compelling evidence

There is compelling evidence that government is orchestrating the border crisis.

There is compelling evidence to suggest that Western governments have intentionally manufactured the border crisis to generate public outrage and support for authoritarian border controls. Freedom of movement, more so than freedom of speech, threatens the control of aspiring dictators. Remember, it was the fall of the Berlin wall and opening of borders, which brought an end to the Soviets.

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Human beings are the only species on this planet and in all of existence which is not allowed to go wherever they desire. Borders are man-made, social constructs which are enforced with threat of imprisonment and even violence for anyone crossing them without government approval. In layman’s terms, all nations claim the right to create boundaries because they have guns and are willing to use them against anyone who questions their rule of law, aka authority.

The current crisis has been played out in public using both the legacy media outlets and the new Internet based ones. The media’s bias towards supporting the ruling class and the elites is blatantly evident to anyone of reasonable intelligence. However, their publicized propaganda continues to be highly effective in controlling the narrative and as a result, the public remains divided against itself at best and apathetic at worst. But with the rampant inflation, and continued hype that these millions of « asylum seekers » are getting a free ride, people are universally upset, across the divide.

A midst the chaos, it is crucial to see that this crisis has been intentionally engineered by governments to stir public outrage and fuel demands for stricter border control measures. By analyzing the political motivations behind these policies and their consequences on freedom of movement, we can uncover the broader implications of this manufactured crisis.

The border crisis has been characterized by a surge in unauthorized crossings, overcrowding at detention facilities, and a backlog of asylum applications. While some argue that this influx is due to organic factors such as war, famine, and political instability in migrants’ home countries, there is reason to believe that governments have intentionally exacerbated these issues to serve their own interests. By perpetuating conflict and instability through military interventions or proxy wars, western nations have effectively driven large numbers of people from their homes.

Moreover, Western governments have implemented policies that deliberately create bottlenecks in the immigration process, such as restrictive asylum laws, understaffed processing centers, and limited resettlement opportunities. These policies cause people to circumnavigate the system, or lie/exaggerate about their situation to qualify. Resulting in a heightened humanitarian crisis, while frustrating the generate public, who struggling with their own bills, see migrants sequestered on the state dime, unable to support themselves. In turn, this outrage is channeled towards calls for more stringent border control measures, including the complete closure of borders to non-essential traffic, effectively eliminating the right to freedom of movement for both migrants and citizens alike.

The erosion of freedom of movement has far-reaching consequences for individuals, communities, and the global economy. . By closing borders, governments are essentially caging their citizens within their own countries, restricting their ability to seek both opportunities and happiness elsewhere. This isolationism is the antithesis of society’s shared values as it directly prevents us from our common goal to build a better world for future generations. Even with favored nation status, we are currently limited to a three month visit at most to any nation. Longer stays require pre-approval, police clearance and considerable financial investment.

In this way, the criminalization of migration and the crackdown on freedom of movement disproportionately affects the lower classes. It’s the middle class, working class poor and those stuck on social assistance who can’t leave their nations. Citizenship, with its ill-defined set of « rights, » becomes synonymous with slavery, when the freedom of movement is limited. As it currently stands, everyone in the United States who does NOT earn $400k a year is no better than a surf. The ruling class and the millionaires can live, bank, become citizens of, wherever they chose. The rest of us can only visit, just long enough to support the tourist industries that keep these low cost of living nations afloat.

By designing a crisis that fuels anti-immigration sentiment, governments are able to justify increasingly draconian measures to target citizens. For Christians, Jews and Muslims, this world and everything in it belongs to a single creator God. So humanity owns nothing and therefore has no authority to designate where someone may travel and or stay. For non-believers this is no consequence. But surely the example of China’s destruction of freedom of movement is warning enough, Unless you prefer to be told where to live, what to believe, and forced to comply through threats of violence or a social credit score that can rob you of the basic necessities of life.

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There is compelling evidence

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