Bridget the Midget Released from Las Vegas Jail with Electronic Monitoring

That ankle-mounted electronic monitor must be pretty heavy for little Bridget powers to drag around

Occasional adult performer Bridget Powers a.k.a. Bridget the Midget has been ordered released from custody at her arraignment in Las Vegas Justice Court. Judge Ann Zimmerman ordered the release Thursday morning pending the filing of a formal criminal complaint against Powers, and on the conditions that the little person be subject to low-level electronic monitoring, and stay away from the victim, identified in news reports only as her boyfriend.

Electronic monitoring is a type of alternative incarceration where defendants wear a GPS/cellular-type ankle bracelet so that Las Vegas Metropolitan Police can keep track of their whereabouts.

The surveillance system used in Clark County is called Omnilink.  It is waterproof and tracks real-time locations both outdoors and indoors.

Bridget the Midget Released from Las Vegas Jail with Electronic Monitoring

Powers was arrested and jailed in Las Vegas early Wednesday morning. The 38-year-old pint-sized performer is accused of stabbing her boyfriend in the leg during a violent argument.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police had been called to a residence after a neighbor reported hearing screams and the sound of glass breaking, TMZ reported.

Powers’ boyfriend was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

A Low Blow: Bridget The Midget Arrested in Vegas For Stabbing Boyfriend in Leg

The 3′ 9″ star of “Bridget the Midget: A Short Story” and “Dwarf Fuckers” faces felony charges of domestic battery with the use of a deadly weapon, burglary while in possession of a deadly weapon, and assault with a deadly weapon.

Bridget the Midget Released from Las Vegas Jail with Electronic Monitoring

She was held at the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas on $35,000 bail prior to Thursday’s arraignment. She is due back in court September 26 for a status check on the filing of a criminal complaint.

Powers is represented by a public defender.

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Bridget the Midget Released from Las Vegas Jail with Electronic Monitoring

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8 Responses

  1. Sounds like Bridget the Midget is in serious trouble if they bothered to put her on electronic monitoring. I wonder what they will do with her if she is convicted and sent to prison — how are they going to protect someone the size of a six year old in big girl prison? If she really did stab someone in the leg with a piece of glass she is likely looking at serious prison time, they charged her with assault with a deadly weapon for fuck’s sake! Also, does anyone know if she has any prior convictions for anything serious? Folks, lay off of the heroin, cocaine and meth or this is what happens to you. I can’t say for sure but her face looks like she has one hell of a drug problem.

  2. Nah they will take into account her size and how hard it would be for her in prison and as long as she does not have an extensive rap sheet she will get probation, anger management classes,and pay a hefty fine.

  3. In Vegas that might be true. However, here in Michigan she would be going to prison (short of one hell of a plea bargain or a not guilty verdict at trial). This isn’t a simple assault, she was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Admittedly, we don’t know if she actually stabbed him with the glass or if he fell on a broken window/glass. It isn’t likely that his injury was secondary to the assault, though, since she was charged with burglary using a deadly weapon as well. If she did actually assault him with the piece of glass, though, I hope she gets a few years in prison for it. OJ did nine years in Nevada prison for simply brandishing a weapon in a burglary (we would call that armed robbery in Michigan), Bridget the Midget (likely) actually stabbed someone — which would call for an increased sentence. OJ did not have a criminal record pre-robbery (he was acquitted of all murder charges involving his ex-wife and her gigolo). Even if they have to keep her in solitary for her whole sentence, she needs to be kept away from the public for a while. Preferably she would get put in general population and some gang banger chicks would punish her repeatedly (I doubt any guards could get it up to what looks like a very skanky first grader to “punish” her like most female inmates would be).

  4. I can guarantee that the real Mike South doesn’t deal in meth. Someone could make a lot of money dealing meth in Chatsworth and Vegas, though. That dealer would have 50% of Porn Valley on his client list dealing meth, Peruvian Nose Powder (R), heroin and Percocet. I am sure certain porn people would appreciate a drug dealer moving to town, I bet they are sort of tired of having to drive to Compton to get their drugs.

  5. XXX, do you happen to have any updates on Las Vegas’ favorite dope fiend lover of meth, Peruvian Nose Powder (R), heroin and PCP, otherwise known as Bridget the Midget? I am hoping she goes to prison for a long time if she is really guilty of what she was charged with. Breaking into someone’s house and stabbing him with what was reported as a butter knife in several October 20, 2019 articles (there is one type of butter knife that is more than sharp enough to stab someone with, I have several in my silverware drawer) is enough for attempted manslaughter in Michigan.

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