Generation Z is the Generation of hate

Generation Z is the generation of hate by design.

Generation Z, perhaps it’s due to the government’s never ending propaganda and diversionary tactics which amplify distrust among individuals. Or, perhaps it’s the mainstream media which inundates the airwaves with a deluge of negative opinions, instead of fact based reporting. Or, yet still, social media algorithms are designed to foster arguments and isolation because angry people remain online longer than happy ones. In the end, it’s most probably all of the above with an added dose of an education system designed to ensure emotional failure and poor parenting.

Generation Z’s upbringing was characterized by an inundation of polarizing messages, fueled by sensationalist media and echo chambers of like-minded individuals. As they came of age, they internalized these messages, forming rigid ideologies which vilified anyone who dared to dissent. The lines between right and wrong are blurred, replaced by a stark dichotomy of “us” versus “them.”

Ironically, this generation prides itself on its purported inclusivity and love for all. They championed causes of social justice and equality, yet their actions speak volumes to the contrary. Behind the guise of progressivism lies a deep-seated animosity towards anyone perceived as different or holding opposing views. Instead of fostering understanding and empathy, they wielded their beliefs as weapons to silence dissidence and ostracize those who did not conform to their preprogrammed worldview.

Generation Z has lived their entire lives in echo chambers of ideological fervor. Their natural development has been stilted by excessive pruning of their experiences to produce absolute conformity. They’re a youth unlike any other in recorded human history. They’ve imbibed a toxic cocktail of intolerance and indignation. Disagreement is met with scorn, dissent crushed under the weight of conformity. Robbed of individualism, they march forward united in their group identity and it’s shared distain for others. Blinded by the allure of belonging, grasping at the mirage of power made visible with each aggression against independent thought.

In 21st century, love has became a commodity traded only among the select few who adhered to the strict tenets of the prevailing ideology. Those who deviate from the norm are cast aside, deemed unworthy of compassion or acceptance. Generation Z’s purported love is but a facade, they’re united through an embrace of ignorance and anger. It’s a unity which has historically unfathomable proportion best described as Orwell’s vison of the future being a “Boot stamping on a human face.”

An entire generation steeped in animosity, convinced of their righteousness amidst the chaos.

Unfortunately, as time passes, Generation Z’s hatred and intolerant influences will spread far and wide, shaping the world in its image. Institutions of higher education which were once revered for their commitment to questioning, exploring different opinions and fact based research, have became bastions of conformity, bowing to the demands of the vocal minority. Dissent has been quashed, and individuality stifled, all in the guise of progress and inclusivity.

If Generation Z’s hatred is not dealt with now, then humanity faces the very probably authoritarian tyranny which might endure for more than 100 years. The road to redemption will be fought by their grandchildren. It’ll be paved with the blood of the innocent murdered by the state as the narcissistic megalomaniac ruling class’s refusal to loosen its grip on society. Meanwhile homes will be filled with the stench of the corpses of the decaying martyrs as parents live in fear of their children and their future is cannibalized for the pagan god called power. Generation Z is Generation Hate and they stand on the precipice of oblivion, teetering between salvation and damnation. Only through strife and hardship could they hope to reclaim their humanity and forge a new path forward. As hardship is a life experience that they have been denied.

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Generation Z is the Generation of hate

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