Uncle Peg Gets Another Reprive

Apparently worried after he saw my post His lawyer went in and filed for a continuance, which he was granted for only one week.  When I called this afternoon the clerk told me he no showed at court, i asked if a bench warrant was issued she said that was standard proceedure but it usually takes up to a day to show up.

He is now scheduled in court at 8AM on Oct 9th

and again on Oct 26th on different charges.


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  1. mharris127

    Boy, Whiteacre is the luckiest man alive. Most courts don’t grant continuances for these circumstances (usually they are granted so the prosecution/defense can have more time to prepare cases before trial — not the case here — or if a defendant has a dire emergency such as a heart attack or a funeral for his mother/father), if you no-show your ass is going to booking and you will have to be bailed out of jail if the judge even allows for bail to be posted. I wonder what wonderful excuse Whiteacre had for not showing up at the courthouse and if it was an outright lie.

    At a minimum not showing up for a hearing such as this one is contempt of court and could be grounds for revocation of probation. Whiteacre may have been granted a continuance but his no-show could still count against him at the rescheduled hearing. If I were the judge and an excellent reason was not given with proof I would have issued a bench warrant and ordered him left in jail until the rescheduled hearing (actually I would do the same with anyone else not showing up to a probation review hearing or sentencing). Whiteacre not showing up for his hearing was a very stupid thing to do (so was beating his wife and whomever he hit over the head with a beer bottle at the AVN convention) especially with him being an intelligent person as he did make it through law school even if he did not either attempt the exam at all or failed to pass it (he may not have been eligible to attempt the exam with his past criminal record).

    I wonder if the actual reason for Whiteacre not showing up to his hearing was that he was in Porn Valley with Bonnie Rotten’s fist up his ass and/or spending some of that money that he evidently did not claim having on his application for a public defender.

  2. Danny Davis

    Word is the Mark Spiegler paid money for Whiteacre to go get a Attorney by the name of Caruso to represent poor ass Whiteacre.
    Clark County District Attorney was offering him a jail sentence and he knew that would be his death sentence in lock up.

    Mr. Bass aka Whiteacre is a big faggot sissy women beater and Porn industry stalker.

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