Axel Braun Lost Case with California Labor Board

Axel Braun Lost Case with California Labor Board and Now Owes @cartercruise Big Bucks!

Carter Cruise has been busy lately fighting her case against Axel Braun for the money he owes her from, a battle similar to the one August Ames had against him.

Axel Braun Lost Case with California Labor Board

I mean there is nothing like getting a check for a scene and having it bounce. What kind of low life does this? Oh, that’s right … AXEL BRAUN, the Wicked Pictures contract director!

Yet somehow people still praise Axel Braun like he’s some kind of porn God or something.

This is a guy who has been scamming performers for years and nobody really says anything.

Fuck that guy!

I’m glad Carter Cruise took a stand and even happier that she won her case.

My only hope now that he was found guilty by the California Labor Board, is that Wicked Pictures will end their contract with him and help Carter Cruise recoup all the money she lost.

Yesterday Carter Cruise tweeted this message to her fans ….



7 Replies to “Axel Braun Lost Case with California Labor Board and Now Owes @cartercruise Big Bucks!”

  1. dafib

    I thought Wicked were some of the good guys. I guess I was wrong. Yes I know Axel Braun contracts with Wicked. If Wicked was a reputable company they would have stepped up and taken care of Carter Cruise right from the start. Karmafan is right. I don’t see an end to the scammers.

  2. Justice

    I’m glad to hear they ruled on her behalf. That axel guy is shady. Been saying that for years. He only gets all the attention he does because he pays to advertise on avn. So they give him the awards.

  3. mharris127

    If Axel Braun can’t afford to pay his talent he shouldn’t be making movies. You don’t see Will Ryder bouncing checks or treating talent like shit and he doesn’t have the cable TV and foreign distribution behind him like Axel does at Wicked. Steve Orenstein, get these girls paid and if need be terminate Axel’s contract.

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