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Let's Talk About Social Media Censorship
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TikTok announces new content restrictions

TikTok announces new content restrictions, and increased automated filtering to combat, among other things, the interestingly phrased sexual activities.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll begin using technology to automatically

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Help Britney Amber @britney_amber Rebuild Her Instagram
Social Media

Help Britney Amber Rebuild Her Instagram

We learned today that Britney Amber had her Instagram account deactivated at 1.3 million. So we thought you might want to know her new Instagram handle is @OnlyBritneyAmber. Photos courtesy

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Is your Instagram and Twitter account safe?
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Which porn stars are most engaging?

Having followers is one thing, but what really matters is how engaging a porn star is. That’s the metric that really matters. You can have all the followers in the

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