Twitter Debuts Subscription Service Like OnlyFans

Twitter says they plan to double their revenue by 2023 thanks to their new subscription service. In short, soon you can charge fans to see some of your tweets in a pay-per-view type model.

Think of it like OnlyFans, only it’s built directly into Twitter.

“Super follows”, as Twitter calls them, will allow people to lock their posts behind a paywall, meaning that only paying followers – or “Super Followers” – will be able to see them.

When the news first came out, people worried if that meant adult content would be allowed. Most assumed no, but I’m hearing that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said as long as it’s behind a paywall it will be allowed, however, Paypal will not be allowed as a payment option for adult content. In that same summary email, he also told how much they will be charging. Y

So just how much will Twitter take? Only 5%.

Yes, you heard that right. 5% as compared to the 20% OnlyFans currently charges and sites like ManyVids are charging anywhere from 35-60%.

This is a game-changer.

With this new service being provided directly from Twitter, will there even be a need for platforms like OnlyFans, Clips4Sale, ManyVids, or even FanCentro?

How can those platforms possibly compete with a rate of 5%?

Interestingly enough, you know what isn’t coming to Twitter? An edit button — something which CEO Jack Dorsey has said the company will “probably never do”.

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Twitter Debuts Subscription Service Like OnlyFans

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