UK Family Theme Park Apologizes for Drag Queen Show That Left Parents ‘Outraged’, ‘Horrified’

A perforance featuring simulated sexual acts at a family theme park?!? Why does the  LGBTQ community find it so difficult to leave kids alone?

Britain’s Daily Mail reported that parents were outraged by a drag queen show staged at family theme park, Adventure Island, during Pride celebrations in the seaside resort on Saturday:

A video showing a performer from hit TV show Ru Paul’s Drag Race suggestively dancing in front of an audience that included children has been condemned by parents.

The clip was filmed at Adventure Island in Southend on Sea, Essex, on Saturday before being sent to MailOnline by a concerned reader.

In the video, the drag act is seen in a bright orange and yellow leotard, with fishnet tights, and a pair of black high heels.

Viewers described Crystal making thrusting motions using an angle grinder to “stimulate sex acts.”

Here’s the video of a poetion of the performance.

Now, the family theme park boss has apologized to the shocked parents.

The Echo reports:

Crystal, whose real name is Colin Munro, performed on the first season of the BBC’s Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

Outraged parents and viewers took to social media to express their concern.

One wrote: “Drag is an adult performance, not a children’s one.”

Another added: “Absolutely disgusting. For this reason, my family will never be visiting your park again.”

In response to the complaints, Adventure Island CEO, Philip Miller MBE, said the company will not be participating in any future Pride celebrations.

He said: “We humbly apologise to all of our loyal customers for any offence caused.

“There was confusion between us and the act as to what we would allow or not as it were.

“The grinding act was most definitely a nonstarter as we are ostensibly a family park and that is just not family entertainment.

Rest assured we will not be rebooking this act or participate in any future PRIDE celebrations it is just not for us, we tried to be inclusive, but it has backfired on us.”

Public PRIDE celebrations have been repeatedly defended, and celebrated as benign, by FSC spokesman Mike Stabile on social media.

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UK Family Theme Park Apologizes for Drag Queen Show That Left Parents ‘Outraged’, ‘Horrified’

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