Jenna Jameson Makes a Return to Twitter @JennaJameson

Last year Jenna Jameson infamous deactivated her Twitter account due to the toxic nature of the social media platform.

Yesterday she returned to Twitter to promote her Bitclout profile, which is a crypto-media-backed social network.

Instead of buying Bitcoin for example you can buy Elon Musk Coin or Logan Paul coin.

Each celeb has its own value and the more people buy their favorite celebrity-branded cryptocurrency, the higher the value goes.

The highest value coin right now is Elon Musk with a value of $89,397.27. Much further down the list is Diplo with a value of $7,625.38.  In the adult industry, there is Brenna Sparks on the top list. Her value is currently at $5,909.97.

Other celebs have listed profiles but they have not yet claimed. PornHub for example. However, it should be noted that PornHub has not agreed to be a part of their program. So for now their page is just “reserved for them” on behalf of the company.

I’m not sure how that might play out in regards to the various celebs and their trademark who might not want their name on the site but we’ll see.

Those who have claimed their profiles like Jenna Jameson have a blue check mark next to their names while those celebs who have not have a greyed-out checkmark.


678920cookie-checkJenna Jameson Makes a Return to Twitter @JennaJameson

Jenna Jameson Makes a Return to Twitter @JennaJameson

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  1. Is this post about Jenna or cryptocurrency?

    Regardless, she can go to hell. Or at least to Parlor or Gab.

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