Stormy Daniels is no longer Twitter verified @stormydaniels

Stormy Daniels woke up last week to find she was no longer verified on Twitter. As to why she lost her blue checkmark, Not even she knows of any reasons.

Stormy Daniels said they have not emailed or, nor responded to her requests for support.

She has just over 1.2 million followers and as far as she knows did not violate any of the Twitter verification rules.

She has always been active on the platform, even despite the constant heavy Trump supporter bullies coming at her.

Stormy Daniels Twitter

Is it related to the recent banning of other adult accounts or is it just a coincidence that it happened at the same time?

We don’t have an answers yet but we will update this story as more information becomes available.



67342209cookie-checkStormy Daniels is no longer Twitter verified @stormydaniels

Stormy Daniels is no longer Twitter verified @stormydaniels

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3 Responses

  1. I am happy she is alive and well, TBH here, Trump is one indicative person who holds a grudge for a long time. If he was elected again she could have ended up on the back of a milk box with a face pic, or fliers on telephone poles as a missing person .

  2. Has she lost weight recently ? If she gets in shape she can shoot porn and try to make another go of it. Blacked ,com and Devils film would want this for sure. No disrespect and it is a serious consideration. Also there is only fans as well as a booster ,

  3. They might have done it for political reasons. She is associated with Trump and gets far right hate posts.

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