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So long 2257? Not so fast ….

There has been a lot of chatter today about a recent court decision. Some have inappropriately said that FSC defeated the 2257 regulations. That isn’t

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APHSS- The Evolving Replacement for AIM

This is a Good read from APHSS- The Evolving Replacement for AIM Posted on August 28, 2011 **Please feel free to repost** The FSC

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Dear Santa

Dear Santa, I am writing on behalf of some of the people in the porn industry.  I know that some of these guys really should

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Some observations from the “Sunshine State” …part DEUX…Miami Exxxotica

It is late May and I have been a “Floridian” now…officially…for six months. For those of you that didn’t read the first entry of my extemporaneous observations on Florida-living, go back and read “Some observations from the ‘Sunshine State’ ” from awhile back. I just got home from Exxxotica Miami, it was my second year there and it was a blast. The show opened on Friday May 14th…and just like last I walked from the parking lot to the front of the Miami Convention Center (incidentally…for you fans of pugilistic endeavors [ bet you didn’t know a porn chick knew words like “pugilistic”] the convention center was where the great Muhammad Ali defeated Sonny Liston in 1964 for the “Heavyweight Championship of the World…WORld..WOrld..worl….”), I was met by Ron Jeremy, and he remembered me from last year.

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AEE 2009

I’m getting reports back from Adult Expo, most people have the show participation down by half over last year which was down from the year

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Outside Looking In:

This comes from Goddesss’ Blog, Goddess isn’t in porn, she is a fan, someone who has been friendly to this biz for a long time,

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It’s Pick On AVN Day:

It’s Pick On AVN Day:MGHOE: why you be hatin on avn South1226: cuz it will make connelly crazy South1226: it is funny MGHOE: good god

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