The L.A. Times Has Been Trying To Get Me To Speak

And honestly I have been avoiding them.

What can I say to them that they couldn’t read here?

Everyone thinks I have this big hard on for AIM and want nothing more than to burn them to the ground.  That isn’t entirely true.  I do think AIM has become what all bureaucracies become, whatever noble purpose it once may have had, it now exists only to feed itself.

I think that as an industry we can do a lot better than AIM.  Sadly I think we won’t.  We will become complacent and it will be business as usual once again until finally the government regulators will have their way with us.

It’s sad really, because we could set up what should be the premiere  resource for STD research in the world. We have an amazing study group, but we squander our assets by asserting that we are something we are not.  We don’t use standard testing, we risk our performers in the name of AIM making more money, and do any of you really think that putting forth Sharon Mitchell as a “Doctor” isn’t going to bite us in the ass?  She is NOT a doctor in ANY sense of the word.  She may be a nice person, I think she is, but It just further exposes AIM as the scam that it is when people call her a “Doctor”.

Lets clean it up, before it’s too late.  AIM needs accountablity, real doctors and real health care professionals on it’s board of directors, I mean Ernest Greene is married to Nina Hartley, who once played a nurse in a porn movie…that’s about as close as he can claim to any sort of qualification…what does that say about AIM?  About Us?  Is that the best we can come up with?

27940cookie-checkThe L.A. Times Has Been Trying To Get Me To Speak

The L.A. Times Has Been Trying To Get Me To Speak

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  1. You should speak to them and tell them truth. This problem will eventually bring down the industry that provides the incomes for many people. The cover up going on particularly with all of these gay performers crossing into straight porn and polluting the talent pool. Point the LA times in the right direction about:
    tom moore
    seth dickens
    HIV MILF Muse
    derrick hey

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