Ernest Greene aka Ira Levine aka Mr Nina Hartley Is Pro Condom or Was


A lot of this is from Luke Fords old site and provides some interesting info, it would appear that Mr Levine has sold out entirely.


“Luke: “When was the last time you quit a job in this business that was putting significant money in your pocket?”

Ira: “In 1997. I quit has head of production of a company where I was unhappy about the way they were treating people. There were a whole bunch of quits on principle in 1993-94 in the first HIV-scare. Since then, I’ve refused to work for companies that do not allow condom use. I used to think that condoms should be mandatory in the industry. I now know that’s a pipedream and can’t happen. I still feel that should be an option available to performers. That puts me out of line of a whole bunch of jobs that could put money in my pocket. I’d say that just about 60% of possible directing gigs went out the door. I won’t even take a gig with companies who underpay people.”


For the record, condoms are used in every picture I shoot and they remain extremely commercial. I completely reject the contention that condom use would make porn unprofitable. That is a red herring. I said at the very meeting where you accuse me of flacking for irresponsible producers that I consider condom use nothing more than a creative challenge for picture makers that can be easily integrated into successful productions with a bit of imagination. I’ve shot, and sold successfully, more condom footage than any director in the history of this medium, starting with Nina’s first Guide shoot in 1992.

I’m all for condoms and always have been. They’re a minor challenge to a good cameraman and a good editor.

67910cookie-checkErnest Greene aka Ira Levine aka Mr Nina Hartley Is Pro Condom or Was

Ernest Greene aka Ira Levine aka Mr Nina Hartley Is Pro Condom or Was

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  1. Once upon time he was for condoms change mind when discover that care more about pocket book than safty porn stars. This no suprise sent Nina Hartley been caught many times fine many times buy Cal/Osha for not useing condoms on her porn shoots. What laugh able was Nina Hartley apear at Cal/OSHA porn indusrty safty meet coulp times explian she had no idea it was law in California that you had use condoms in porn movies there untill Cal/Osha explain that why she been fine coulp times for not use them say she knew so. All I am saying acting stupid about condom law well not save porn indusrty from it effect if goes in effect.

  2. Sharon Mitchell also advocated condom use in porn. In the interview, Ernest Greene does not advocate that the government mandate condoms. Kimberly Kane criticizes Measure B and yet she says that she prefers that condoms be used in her sex scenes.

    In a interview, Kimberly said she was condom-only for 2 years because “You don’t get diseases when you use condoms, so you know you’re safe.” In reference to her deciding to work without condoms, Kimberly said “That’s the gig. That’s what you signed up for.” The interview was put on trvewestcoastfiction.blogspot during January of 2011.

  3. That AHF truck is all over the LA area today and was seen yesterday handing out condoms and leafets. Why doesn’t the guys and girls that NO supporters get out and raise hell and do something than talk smack on the internet and newspapers? The voters don’t surf the sites looking for the issues to vote on much.

  4. There was a time that Nina was pro condom as well. Early in her line of sex education tapes she talked about the importance of protection from diseases. In a scene on anal sex, she put on a latex glove before putting a finger in another girl’s butt to relax her before anal sex. She said it was important because you could get an infection if there was a cut in your finger. That, of course, was before ass-to-mouth and moving a penis from a pussy to an ass was routine in porn.

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