Mythinformation – Porn’s Biggest Myths

Ok some of these aren’t myths at all but out and out lies but i figured it’s time to kind of consolidate them into one place. I remember back when the most common myth about the industry I would dispell was that of fluffers….The myths now days are MUCH MORE HARMFUL.

1. Fluffers: this one has been around forever and at some time likely had a basis in fact but fluffers are long gone except for a few crossover guys who bring a boyfriend to keep them hard on a straight scene. Fact is if you are straight and Kayden Kross or Mia Malkova is blowing you and it isnt working….some 50 dollar street hooker aint gonna do it for ya.

2. Sharon Mitchel is a “Doctor” or a “Phd”. Another long enduring myth that porn put out to try to make ourselves look smart. truth is Phd isnt trademarked so anyone can sell one on the internet, Mitch got hers from an unacredited school and as such it is worth the paper its printed on. Anyone who ever read a sentence that Sharon actually wrote (mark kernes wrote most of her stuff) knows that Sharon couldn’t write a grammatically correct text book for first graders much less a Thesis.

3. That lots of anal sex is no big deal and is perfectly normal. Simply not so. It can be perfect6ly fine but done to extremes and too often it leads to prolapsed rectums and loss of bowel control. You may hear lots about the girl who did the latest anal fisting or whatever but what you dont hear is how when she sits down she shits her pants, so she now has to wear depends.

4. That condoms are not nearly as effective at stopping STDs as testing is. We have Nina Hartley, who claims to be an RN preaching this nonsense as though it’s the gospel, but it just goes to show how seemingly intelligent people get caught up in the bullshit that gets propagated by the industry trade group. Anyone with a shred of common sense knows that testing for STDs is as effective in preventing STDs as testing for pregnancy is at preventing pregnancy. If nina thinks that this makes her look like anything less than a complete idiot then she has become a complete idiot.

5. That HIV is less common in porn than it is in the general population. This is simply not supported by the data or the reality. Most of the theory for this revolves around the flawed logic that when you compare the number of tests we do to the number of infections we catch with those tests it is lower than the general population, but it isnt comparing apples to apples. When we test we are testing the same 1000 people every 14 to 28 days repeatedly for a year when you compare that to testing thousands of DIFFERENT people every year our rate is about the same as the general population, probably a bit higher.

6. That because of testing we have a lower incidence of STDs other than HIV and that sex with a person in porn is safer than sex with a person off the street. This is another very dangerous myth. Every valid scientific study that has been done puts porn performers at a 34 to 68 TIMES more likely to have an STD than the general population, even when compared to high risk groups like 18-30 year olds. You are many many many times safer having sex with a legal Nevada Prostitute than you are with a porn performer.

7. That choking someone out is perfectly safe. Only a moron would believe this to be true. Bottom line, it isnt breath play they dont lose consciousness because they cant breathe they lose consciousness because you cut off blood flow to the brain…does that sound like a stroke to you? its because thats what it is. the long term damage can be devastating. if one of you misogynistic fucks wishes to kill a girl please dont do it on camera, you make the rest of us look as bad as you are. Though I have no doubt that AVN and Xbiz would call you “innovative” and shower you with awards for it. At least you might be able to decorate your new 6×10 foot home with said awards.

8. That all porn chicks have “daddy issues”….wait this one might well be true…

9. Porn Addiction. It’s sad that our industry has ket this myth propagate and even uses the term itself. There is no such thing as an addiction to porn. Yes porn can be a compulsive behavior, even an obsession but porn is not and never has been and never should be an addiction. Heroin, Nicotine, Oxys, Caffeine, Alcohol… all addictions as anyone who has ever tried to shake a dependence can tell you, you might even die trying to get clean of an addiction many times hospitalization is required. Never have I heard of anyone dying from an overdose of porn. BTW it isnt in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) either.

10 That no one has caught HIV on a porn set since 2004. The very premise is idiotic. it seems to indicate that because a porn performer may have gotten HIV off set and exposed you on set that it somehow makes you immune. The truth is Derrick Burts got HIV on set in 2010, there have been more than 30 positive tests that we know about in the industry since 2004. But the real question is how many performers tested positive and simply disappeared without a word? Apparently quite a few.

For the most part when we spread this “mythinformation” we do ourselves much more harm than good. We should be educating not just performers but everyone in this biz, not spreading lies that even most of us are way to smart to believe.

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Mythinformation – Porn’s Biggest Myths

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  1. # 3 replies to :

    Kelly Divine
    Yuri Beltran
    Kristina Rose
    Maxine X.
    Claudia Valentine
    And too many more to list. The all own and have stock in Depends.

  2. @dwb. that’s right Brazzer’s and bang Bros Doesn’t. They just do it and then prolapsed assholes and shitting and farting sitauations happen. Cancer of the anus is common with Porn chicks too.

    But nobody gives a fuck!

  3. RE: #3 anal sex leads to incontinence and prolapse?

    There are millions of “civilians” on this planet that engage in anal sex and anal play and have been doing so for years. Anecdotal evidence as well as medical research shows they are not incontinent and not having prolapse.

    I remember an interview with Phoenix Marie on youtube where she was talking about how frightening prolapse is, that she refuses to be a part of it, and the cause of porn prolapse is people using big buttplugs to “warm up” instead of a a penis or a dildo.

    Obviously shoving enormous objects up someone’s ass will eventually cause problems at least in the short term until the muscles tighten back up.

    But are you also saying having anal sex with your wife a few times a month leads to problems?

  4. And why wasn’t ATM on this list?

    #? – Sucking a cock right after it’s been in your ass (or some other girl’s ass) is perfectly safe and “tastes so good.”

    It’s beyond my understanding how many porn girls regularly engage in ATM and AToGM.

    Don’t these girls become ill, like hospitalized with major GI issues? Enemas, if anything, bring more bacteria towards the colon and rectum. Yet you see the same girls doing this kinda stuff hundreds of times over the course of their career.

    So how do they get away with it? Is this an area where porn defies science?

  5. “We have Nina Hartley, who claims to be an RN …”

    Nina was an RN in California until her license expired in 2001.

  6. Not trying to be Miss Obvious but let me quote what he said “It can be perfectly fine but done to extremes and too often” and so on…which should make you feel better about ass fucking the wife.

  7. Mike, you left out the BIGGEST one of all, The US porn industry is a multi-BILLION dollar indusry that provideds over 10,000 jobs and generates a billion dollars in local tax revenue.(Direct from the No on B officila website)

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