APHSS Will Do For Testing What APAP Did For Piracy

The FSC spent most of  Tuesday pimping their entry into testing very hard.  Theey had a meeting that had a handful of people, mostly the usual suspects, Diane Duke, Joanne Cachepero, Ernest Greene, Nina Hartley and Mark Kernes.  I couldn’t help while listening to their pitch but think of the movie “Blaze” where Earl Long ( The Paul Newman Character) refers to his legislature as “The finest bunch of yes men ever assembled.”  That sums up the FSC in one sentence.

They Pimped Peter Ackworth from Kink who supposedly designed the database and Doctor Maio  (pronounced Meow) who pimped their testing.  They dodged questions from kevin at Type Nine and from Shy Love, using the line, “we are working on it but what we are doing is top secret”…They said the same thing about what they did with pornwikileaks and as it turned out  it was NOTHING.

I have also come to the realization that Diane Duke isn’t such a nice person as people think, she lies, she is a publicity whore, she is power hungry, and she is shameless.  OK these are all things you would probably want in an Executive Director, I mean it works for Michael Weinstein right?  Problem is Diane lies to us and she will trample anyone in this business to take credit for work she didn’t do….Case in point…she told the LA Times tha she and the FSC took down pornwikileaks.

But I digress.  What struck me was that she claims the database contains only performers names and availability to work, she said that not even the FSC will know if you tested positive or for what or if you just quit the biz quietly.  She went on to explain that any quarantine would be handled by the FSC and would only involve first and second generation exposures.

Typical FSC logic right there….but then they never were very good at math or logic….If they don’t know you tested positive how would they know whom you worked with?  Truth is that database is worthless, the only thing it does is well…nothing….Diane even emphasized that performers should look at each others tests.  So what good is the database then?

Or as one attendee told me That APISS database is going to do for testing what APAP did for Piracy….not a fucking thing.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.



62550cookie-checkAPHSS Will Do For Testing What APAP Did For Piracy

APHSS Will Do For Testing What APAP Did For Piracy

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  1. It goes show ever body in porn indusrty. They have nothing fear from there enemies like Shelle Lubben or Michael Weinstein with friends like Diane Duke FSC fucking over indusrty worst with there actions or lack of actions. You know your indusrty in shit when your friends fuck over worst than your enemys could ever do. Than tell you right in your face well for your benfit. Very unhappy day in porn indusrty when FSC supposed safe gaurd indusrty refuse or has no clue how there gone do that when question about buy very same people there supposed safe gaurd working in porn indusrty. Diane Duke hand porn indusrty on silver platter Michael Weinstein Shelle Lubben to do what they want with it.

  2. I’m looking forward to the FSC taking all the credit for murdering the file lockers. You just know that’s coming.

  3. “DWB => I’m looking forward to the FSC taking all the credit for murdering the file lockers. You just know that’s coming.”

    Not if we take some steps here. I believe there is a way to undermine that and keep it from happening, won’t go into details here though.
    In regards to Diane Duke, never met the broad, it seems she’s universally hated across the adult industry. Maybe hated is still to light, utterly resented!

    To be a high exec in certain area you need to be a bit of a sociopath it seems.

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