So long 2257? Not so fast ….

There has been a lot of chatter today about a recent court decision. Some have inappropriately said that FSC defeated the 2257 regulations. That isn’t true. This claim is rather misleading and potentially dangerous.

The full court decision can be viewed at

The part I want to highlight is this ….

“The plaintiffs’ as-applied claims do not show that the Statutes are invalid as applied to all producers covered by the Statutes. Most critically, the successful as-applied plaintiffs often feature older individuals in their sexually explicit depictions — a factual circumstance at the center of their successful as-applied claims and one which sets the plaintiffs apart from the more typical category of pornographers who rely on young-looking performers. Furthermore, the successful as-applied plaintiffs are not what may be considered ordinary pornographers….  The plaintiffs’ meritorious as-applied claims, thus, were not a sound basis to enjoin enforcement of the Statutes’ unconstitutional requirements against all other producers of sexually explicit depictions, whose circumstances may be different.”

“Accordingly, we will vacate the District Court’s order entering a nationwide injunction and remand for the entry of relief limited to the successful as-applied plaintiffs.”

While I’m no legal expert it appears to me that the court affirmed some relief to the FSC itself, and to the other plaintiffs, but reversed the relief to everyone else.

The press release issued by the FSC may lead everyone else to assume that they’re off the hook for 2257 regulations but that isn’t what the court ruling says at all. It’s only specific to the plaintiffs.

The original plaintiffs include Free Speech Coalition, American Society of Media Photographers, Thomas Hymes, Townsend Enterprises, Sinclair Institute, Barabar Alper, Carold Queen, Barabara Nitke, David Steinberg, Nina Hartley, Dave Levingston, Betty Dodson, and Carlin Ross.

This press release is dangerous because it could lead folks to assume they don’t need to keep up with 2257 documentation.

That isn’t the case and if you aren’t one of the plaintiffs you absolutely better make sure your 2257 docs are in order because if you read the ruling carefully it nowhere mentions any protections or relief for anyone other than the FSC and the other listed plaintiffs.

Despite what anyone else may be reporting, do not fail to get the proper model releases and 2257 documentation for any and every scene you are involved in.

655380cookie-checkSo long 2257? Not so fast ….

So long 2257? Not so fast ….

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  1. “Despite what anyone else may be reporting, do not fail to get the proper model releases and 2257 documentation for any and every scene you are involved in.”
    As Quoted BY XXX Insider

    Very true
    Another aspect that is even worse is that Laws constantly changes all the times. Some laws are subject to interpretations extensively,

    What if even, lets say the law changed NOW was true and accurate and 2257 are out. OMG it will be another Tracy Lords BS in likety Split time and several cases all at once tooo. The alarm bells would be world wide and then 2257 laws will be back and with enhancements and retroactive to during the time everyone ignored 2257’s, the reaction new 2257 laws on steroids by the LA county DA’s office would crucify all accused Directors both past and present TWO comes to mind who would end up like Ron Jeremy who never raped anyone. His mind is that of a 12 year old lad in an arrested state of development ” no pun intended”

    BTW one of the Newly added counts states Ron raped a 15 year old.. Another claimed he fucked a milf 20 years ago at the Rainbow bar and grill in front of a crowd. in 5 years or more Leigh Raven, Lily Adams etc would be on this shit so fast your head would spin. I say this because given the above mentioned , the reaction new 2257 laws would have enhancements to bury all directors most agents and 2/3 of the male talent pool. Dam right its scary thinking Oh well fuck it now 2257 as if that’s anything new anyways.
    My .02 cents

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