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So long 2257? Not so fast ….

There has been a lot of chatter today about a recent court decision. Some have inappropriately said that FSC defeated the 2257 regulations. That isn’t

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2257 In Its Death Throes

Today the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals vacated and remanded a lower court’s July 2013 ruling that held that performer record-keeping for adult entertainment

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The 2257 Ruling and AB332

Yesterday’s 2257 ruling hit me with something that related to the whole condom law issue but before I could articulate my views on it, my

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2257 On Trial In Philly

In truth this law should have been overturned a LONG time ago, it is patently unconstitutional on so many levels. But we finally may have

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More 2257 Thoughts

OK heres whats next and what may be coming first the government can request an en banc hearing of the 6th circuit, this means instead

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2257 What’s next?

There are 2 possibilities, one is that the government will petition the court for an en banc hearing.  The hearing that ruled against 2257 only

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About The 2257 Checks:

Word I get is that for the most part the Feds are looking for something in particular here. In other words they know something and

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