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Word I get is that for the most part the Feds are looking for something in particular here. In other words they know something and they are gathering evidence. If they came to your business and took anything with them when they left you did NOT necessarily “pass”. That isn’t how the feds work, they collect evidence then they get an arrest warrant and or a search warrant to collect more evidence.

About John Mark Karr:

Bottom line, he is a sick little man, very sick, but he didn’t kill JonBenet Ramsey. He is an attention whore and should be incarcerated for wasting tax dollars (course if ya did that to him we’d have to incarcerate the entire legislative and executive branches of government…now theres an idea.)

Anyway someone needs to hang for that killing so bet that the Boulder DA will do everything possible to pin it on the man willing to take the fall.

My Picks For President in 08:

Admitted it’s early yet and there’s a lot of people out there that see Hillary as the democratic frontrunner, I don’t see it. Leiberman is the Democrats best hope but at this point he is looking more like an independent, and he WILL be a spoiler if he is. Thing is he would harm the Republican Party more than the Democrats as an independent, but if the Democrats nominate and run Hillary all bets are off.

Still Hillary is looking to be a likely candidate, as is Rudy Guiliani on the Republican side.

This would be a slaughter, most Republicans are fed up with the hard right turn the party has taken and would welcome Guiliani. Likewise most Democrats aren’t happy with the hard left turn their party has taken. If the parties get smart and realize that the hard core element has no place else to go ( I mean what will the hard right do? vote Democratic? Vote for Leiberman? Not in THIS lifetime) They will cinch the white house and most likely we will have what I consider to be the ideal scenario save for a Libertarian, that would be a Democratically led congress and a Republican white house. ( Vice versa is equally appealing if not moreso)

When they fight each other the citizens seem much safer and much more prosperous.

Look at the most prosperous administrations, first there was Regan who constantly fought a Democratic Congress, then there was Clinton who constantly fought a Republican Congress. WE the people prospered, largely because they left us alone because neither side could push through an agenda. I think I like it a lot better when they are jockeying for control over each other instead of us.

Now If the Republicans run another “Christian Right” Facist and the democrats run Hillary, Joe Leiberman is going to look mighty damn good.

A lot can happen between now and election day but it’s looking like a foregone conclusion that the Republicans will probably lose control of the House and the Senate this November, If that happens expect Bush to face impeachment hearings.

And expect US (meaning taxpaying citizens) to be largely left alone while they fight it out.

And that’s all I ask for pretty much…to be left alone.



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About The 2257 Checks:

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