2257, Obscenity, and Double Standards

As a writer and producer on the mainstream side of things, I did my fair share of producing real life sex on camera long before I ever decided to transition into adult. Just like porn, the reality television actors were paid to “act” on camera. Some of that acting included sexual situations. That raw unedited sex never ended up on television, but the scenes were shot and exist on tape in a production office where they can easily be distributed someday. I never had to worry about 2257 or obscenity. I was working for “legitimate entertainment companies”. Let’s not even talk about the amount of alcohol that was being poured down the throats of the cast members on these sets to get them to “loosen” up.

A colleague of mine worked for a small production company that produced a film where a guy actually shot a load on camera during a sex scene. A major distributor ended up buying the film. Once again, no 2257 or obscenity bullshit to worry about because the movie was considered “art”. One of the hottest scenes in movie history occurred in the 2005 film “Broken Flowers” when a VERY young looking Alexis Dziena came walking out of a bedroom completely nude and revealing her full frontal to Bill Murray. Alexis Dziena looked like she could have been on a Max Hardcore set. Do a Google image search for Alexis Dziena and you’ll see what I’m talking about. I don’t remember ever seeing a 2257 disclaimer on the credits of that movie either. Well, I was probably concentrating on jerking off during the credits, so don’t quote me on that for certain.

And last but not least, the most famous of all. The five time Academy Award winning 1999 film “American Beauty” where Thora Birch bared her underage tits. FIVE TIME ACADEMY AWARD WINNER!

I do not have a vast in depth historical knowledge of porn obscenity law, but I do know that it is nothing more than a tried & true legal weapon manufactured by the government to harass the adult industry for whatever reason. I have a disturbing feeling that there are some high powered people out there who want to railroad porn back into the underground again like moonshine being funneled through the Ozarks. If they don’t put you in jail, they’ll try to bankrupt you.

One of the most downloaded goof internet clips of the past year was the “2 Girls 1 Cup” shitting and puking video. This video is being hosted on an American based server without any type of age verification. I haven’t seen the John Stagliano video titles mentioned in the indictment news stories today, but I doubt they are even remotely as graphic as the shit and vomit eating displayed in “2 Girls 1 Cup”. Any lawyer worth his $500 an hour needs to remind the court of law that porn isn’t something that breaks down your door in the middle of the night and attacks you in your home. If you want porn in your life, you need to go out and find it. However, if porn did attack me in my home late one night, I would probably end up licking it’s asshole.

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2257, Obscenity, and Double Standards

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