Vicky Vixxx @goddessvickyv gets punished for 2257 violations

Last month we posted an article about self-shot content, with a warning to be careful about making sure you have your paperwork in order. Not having proper 2257 documentation is a violation of federal law and can land you in prison for up to 5 years.

Vicky Vixxx (@goddessvickyv), who I guess would be more of a fetish model than an actual porn star, recently got nailed by ManyVids and had 16 of her videos removed for 2257 violations.

  • Mouthy Slave Gets Brandon’s Hands
  • Foot bitch gets to massage and worship
  • Vicky and Lexi Tickle the Slave
  • You are only good as human furniture
  • Chair tied and tickled
  • Maria’s Dry Humping Challenge
  • Maria’s ass slave
  • Vicky Makes Marie Her Sexboy
  • Ruined orgasm turned CBT
  • Sniff These Brother
  • Sniff My Ass Panty Sniffer
  • Mari’a Scissor Challenge
  • Cash Dry Hump Challenge
  • Tutor Gets Her Belly Licked
  • Pervert Photographer Loses $500
  • Don’t Slap My Ass

After we posted our story last month about this girl and warned others from being like her, she had her little friends come out in droves attacking this news outlet  and me as the author of the article calling us all liars and playing the victim.

Guess those people feel stupid now that she’s been officially sanctioned.

In truth, Vicky Vixxx got off easy. She only got her videos pulled. Had she got caught by the FBI, she could have faced some serious legal bills, trying to hire a lawyer to keep her ass out of jail.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you make your own content, ALWAYS GET A MODEL RELEASE AND ALWAYS GET PROPER 2257 DOCUMENTATION.


481520cookie-checkVicky Vixxx @goddessvickyv gets punished for 2257 violations

Vicky Vixxx @goddessvickyv gets punished for 2257 violations

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4 Responses

  1. Kelli, is it possible that ManyVids management turned over the information on Vicky’s lapses in judgement to the FBI and that she will be facing prosecution in the near future? Certainly distributing adult video without the section 2257 paperwork is not wise and definitely highly illegal.

  2. 16 non-compliant videos and they still have her on their platform? then again, they did let a creator put bestiality on there so I guess anything goes until you report it.

  3. i looked at her 2257 statement on her website, it’s a f*king post office address.

  4. Kelly, First I don’t appreciate the context my statement was put in on your “article”. I’ve been active and commenting on for many years. I personally know Vicky about as well as I know Mike. I am nobody’s minion.

    Anyway, Vicky is being targeted by Derek of @ProModelWorld , who is obviously your source for these articles. Her videos weren’t taken down due to anything 2257 related, but do to a false(my opinion) DMCA request by Derek(Which he has taken credit for), here is his post on the matter:
    “Pro-Models Worldwide @ProModelWorld Jun 14
    BIG Legal Victory for me!!
    @ManyVidsSupport honored my DMCA request and removed 16 videos from the @RealVickyVixxx
    and @GoddessVickyV online stores!!!

    I now have CONFIRMATION that Vicky Vixxx has been filming without a CC 2257. Press Release coming SOON”

    and Many Vids’ Response to this post:
    “MV Support @ManyVidsSupport Replying to @ProModelWorld @RealVickyVixxx and @GoddessVickyV
    Please note we do not publicly discuss any account specific details. On behalf of those involved, we request you remove these assumptive statements.”

    From my personal experience with ManyVids, they do not entertain broad missing 2257 allegations at all. They will however investigate if you identify a specific person as underage in a video. They will generally not entertain a request asserting that performers did not sign a release.

    DMCA is a different issue and process, and ManyVids will err on the side of caution by pulling videos that they receive a properly formed DMCA copyright infringement notices on. So by filing such a DMCA notice/complaint, the filer, in this case Derek, claimed that he is the controlling copyright holder for the videos and that the poster does not own the copyright. This can only be the case if he was the one shooting the content, and not under contract for those rights, or if he had a contract that had given him the rights. I suspect neither is true because his assertion was that he was in the videos without a release, not that he filmed the content or had an agreement for full exclusive rights and control.

    So ManyVids could pull the content and then give the original poster the option to assert their own claim of ownership, or they could just pull the content and let both parties work it out in court which seems to be how ManyVids operates.

    Part of a DMCA take-down request requires that the requester certify they are the owner, and if the actual copyright owner is someone else, they may use the courts to resolve with additional penalties against the fraudulent take-down requester. This doesn’t help content producers because it defers resolution to litigation which can be both costly and timely.

    I don’t like that some companies aren’t giving the original posters the option to reassert their ownership rights, which would result in the poster certifying they are the copyright holder, the video being re-activated, and then the burden of litigation gets put back on the one who submitted the DMCA take-down request with additional penalties if the original poster has now committed fraud in re-affirming their rights. To be fair, ManyVids may not have the mechanism in place to turn on and off videos in relation to a DMCA request, they may just delete the video and move on. Poster could re-assert their rights by re-posting, but then could be subject to the same fraudulent take-down request again. This allows those who don’t care about the threat of litigation because it is unlikely, costly, and requires a lot of time and energy on the part of the offended party, to submit fraudulent DMCA take-down requests and achieve their desired result of harming the actually copyright owner as part of a targeted harassment campaign, which is what I believe is going on here.

    Derek @ProModelWorld doesn’t seam to mentally operate in the real world and doesn’t care what laws he breaks when he has his feelings hurt. I have witnessed his “Victims” get threatened, harassed, have their social media accounts and business accounts targeted, sometimes successfully such as in this case, all to satisfy his hurt ego and to make himself seem important.

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