99 Cents Well Spent on Quick2257 App

I have spent 99 cents to state up front that I have not PERSONALLY used this app. I don’t have an Iphone, I prefer to use android, but I felt that it deserves some ink here for several reasons:

First, It is being offered by an industry attorney who understands 2257, that being  Lawrence Walters.

Second, this isn’t price gouging with it, it’s a mere 99 cents

Most importantly, VERY useful to anyone who needs to maintain 2257 records. Whether you have a large company like Wicked Pictures or just a simple Clips4Sale  store this is a dollar well spent.

The Application is very well-designed. A wonderful little app that makes gathering the data, the photos, and sending it to the custodian of records very easy.

About Quick 2257™ allows you to:

• Create a form containing the performer’s legal name, stage name, and/or aliases;
• Record the date of original production of the depiction;
• Identify the title of the work associated with the depiction;
• Capture the front and back of the performer’s picture ID card using the device
• Sign and verify the accuracy of the information using the touch screen;
• Compile all information into a convenient .pdf file; and,
• Send the 2257 records file to the records custodian using the mobile device’s email camera function.

About the 99 cents app

What a well-designed application, with KISS methodology (Keep It Simple Stupid), and appears idiot-proof.

Best believe when it becomes available for Android I will buy one, it’s worth it at many times the price

You can Buy Quick2257 App  HERE


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99 Cents Well Spent on Quick2257 App

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10 Responses

  1. Does apple include e-mail encryption or would that be something to add since the records get sent via email?

  2. Easy Release…been around for a long time, lets you get the photo of ID’s with your phone and you can also modify it anyway you like such as add your own custom 2257…also for both Android and Apple

  3. Hey @WaltersLawGroup. I downloaded your app out of curiosity, and to see how easy this is to apply. I was very impressed with how extremely easy this is. I am sure the members whom work in the business will appreciate this App. In all honesty you are underselling yourself. If you offered this at 4.99 you could sell it. I am impressed. Does this stand up in a court of law?

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