2257 What Is Going To Happen

I have been analyzing all this from a purely political perspective and I believe I see where all of this is going to go.

you see right now the government has a problem with obscenity prosecutions, that being that only the edgiest stuff even has a chance at drawing a conviction. Most citizens (of which juries are made up) don’t see porn as any really big deal. Most seem to consider porn to be a waste of the Justice Departments time and resources.

Along comes 2257, the record keeping act, the one that has nothing to do with protecting children and everything to do with adding federal red tape to the industry. The law was vaguely written, over encompassing and flat out unconstitutional on all but the most broad interpretations.

But is the law really written solely for that purpose? Or, is it somethng much more sinister?

As I have watched the inspections and listened to the reports of the results I am hearing that about 95% of the companies are failing the inspections. It would appear to me that is by design.

Let us peer into the not so distant future. Congress, being the self appointed watchdog of “the children” releases a new study, It looks something like this:

5 Year study concludes that 95% of all adult entertainment companies fail to prove that they aren’t using minors in hardcore pornography. A Spokesperson for the US Justice department alongside one for the FBI hold a press conference where they decry that pornography producers all over the U.S. may be employing underaged boys and girls in the production of pornography, they go on to state that the ID requirements set forth by the federal government have NOT been followed and that there is a high probability that almost every company in porn is using performers under the age of 18. They will be followed by Republican and Democratic Politicians calling for an end to this scourge.

The press goes wild. Every single newspaper in the country, every television newscast picks up the story and suddenly, we are no longer seen as benign, we are perverted child pornographers and no amount of reaction from our industry is going to change that view.

The Juries are no longer apathetic towards us, we are evil incarnate and we must be stopped.

Obscenity convictions just got a lot easier.

What can we, as an industry do to head this off? I have some ideas, I want to hear yours.

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2257 What Is Going To Happen

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