Don’t Go Down with Unlicensed Agent and Felon Riley Reynolds of Hussie Models

After The Daily Beast, Rolling Stone, Miami New TimesNew York Post  and even QuePasoMiami ran reports Monday on performer Lenna Lux‘s lawsuit against her former agent, Riley Reynolds of Hussie Models, we decided to revisit our prior coverage of the infamous unlicensed agent. Taken as a whole, the known facts and yet-to-be-proven allegations are absolutely staggering.

Moreover, this idiot has so much heat on him right now, it behooves us to advise that you’d have to be suicidal to have any association with Riley Reynolds.

Lux, who was with Hussie Models in the first few months of 2018, filed a complaint Sept. 7 in Pinellas County Circuit Court against Riley Reynolds (born Brian O’Malley), and Hussie Models LLC, alleging breach of contract and unjust enrichment, and violation of the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act.

Specifically, Lux alleges Reynolds and Hussie utilized coercion to gain, secure, or ensure Lux’s cooperation or acquiescence to continue exploitation and collected proceeds directly from a pattern of criminal activity.

According to The Daily Beast, Lux joined Hussie Models as Reynolds was appealing the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s denial of his talent agency license application. According to her complaint, Lux tried to leave Hussie while that appeal was still in progress, but Reynolds refused to release her from her contract. (The FDBPR issued a final refusal to approve his license application in March.)

Operating a talent agency without a license constitutes a third-degree felony in the state of Florida, and is punishable by up to five years in prison.

Going down

There have been state investigations (and no evidence that they’ve been closed out), and even an FBI inquiry. Remember, Hussie does business both in Florida and across state lines. You probably don’t want to be the guy whose phone number shows up in subpoenaed call logs.

As The Daily Beast reported, picking up on’s article last month,

A public records request from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office reveals the agent accrued at least eighteen criminal charges between 2007 and 2012, including multiple counts of criminal mischief, burglary of an unoccupied structure, and grand theft. Other models [aside from Lenna Lux] have made … claims of exploitation. In two police reports obtained by The Daily Beast, former actors alleged the agent had stolen from or deceived them, both going as far as to accuse Reynolds of trafficking—a charge defined by Florida state law as the use of “force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of sexual exploitation”

According to these police records, also obtained by writer Jerry Iannelli at Miami New Times, three adult starlets reported Reynolds to law enforcement agencies in North Miami and Coral Springs, Florida between 2015 and 2017

In addition, a former Hussie Model has accused him of punching her in the face, and Reynolds’ ex-girlfriend and her father have a restraining order against him.

Women who have stayed in the model house claim to have witnessed serious drug use. Riley also has a lot of criminal associations — even people on the Hussie Models roster, and has been named in other scandals.

Plus Reynolds has been kicked out of at least three model or cam houses and apartments. One must assume he left some former neighbors or landlords pissed off. It doesn’t take much for someone with a grudge to press the issue with the city or county.

Former Hussie models, like this one, have come forward to claim that Reynolds uses his “agency” as a front for illegal escorting.

As we wrote back in July:

See, the FBI isn’t the same as the regular police. They don’t drop by for random welfare checks. You can bet your sweet ass that if the FBI comes knocking at your door it’s for a damn good reason and that you’ve been on their radar for some time.

And you can be sure that law enforcement of one shade or another are presently reaching out to Hussie models past and present. That’s how it works.

Monday, Daily Beast writer Tarpley Hitt noted that the future does not look very bright for Riley:

Lux is the first of Reynolds’ models to take him to court. According to Professor Tamara Rice Lave, a criminal law professor at the University of Miami School of Law, if the civil suit draws the attention of prosecutors, the talent agent could see criminal charges. “If he didn’t have a license and he still acted as an agent,” Rice said, “then it’s pretty straightforward that he broke the law.”

Adult entertainment lawyer Brandon Kolb, who represents Lux in her civil suit, added that in the case of criminal prosecution, Reynolds could easily face multiple counts, extending the maximum sentence beyond five years. “Each [shoot] could be a separate count. Or each girl that he booked could be a separate count,” Kolb said. “When I think about it that way, I don’t know if I could count that high.”

If you or anyone you know were manipulated, strong-armed, robbed, or otherwise abused by this unlicensed agent, Riley Reynolds — or if you witnessed any kibnd of criminal activity — now is the time to come forward.

This is a guy who’s going down, and rightly so.

To adult producers and Hussie clients we say: you probably don’t want to be the guy he’s making a deal with when his door gets busted down. Just walk away.

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Don’t Go Down with Unlicensed Agent and Felon Riley Reynolds of Hussie Models

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8 Responses

  1. My question is why is it taking this long for a pornstar to come forward? I am sure that more are in the works but what is their fear?

    Legally he can not do anything to them if they booked scenes through his agency, paid rent to him in the State of Florida as it is clearly illegal income on his part.

    Downright extortion as I see it making them pay him off to get out of his contract. He expedited papers for two pornstars to sign a “gag order” to not talk to law enforcement just to be able to get out of their contracts. So they could acquire a one way ticket purchased by Hussie Models and/or Riley or his finance guy or girl to continue with another agency.

    If that new agency had to “buy out” the contract that was illegal in the first place they too should press charges for extortion.

    Also that Florida lawyer who drew up the “gag order” should be disbarred in the State of Florida. Wake up call Riley, gag orders don’t work for a Federal Investigation which according to you they are asking questions and I am sure that wasn’t to see you were legit as you wrote?

  2. What is surprising is that there is no discussion of Riley being and making no secret of him being a pimp.

    He operates under the color of law with claims of being a Licensed and bonded talent agent as a front for prostitution. He cant even obtain a license out of Florida due to multiple felonies, so he ventures to California where the Back ground checks are limited to just crimes in California. The Labor board is changing the scope and reach to multiple states now just like Real Estate licenses applicants.

    He makes most of his income from booking low end prostitution rendezvous not porn scenes BTW.

    Riley’s girls who are fellow felons, drug addicts, heroin abusers are the top girls and boys.

    Bruno Dickems is his general who keeps those with a checkered past in line.

    The girls with a checkered past should be out of the mix for now because they are just in survival mode and fell prey to these two and prior bullies strong arm pimps .

    They keep the pimp hand strong with dealing drugs so few times yelling at a girl is not required always. They get more leverage with chemicals and substance addictions. If a girl is not yet addicted they will make it so.

  3. Meanwhile, nine months later, Riley *Rileys* on – still fucking his talent.

  4. Nantucket, is that license valid in Florida? I know in California out of state agent licenses are not valid (which is why legitimate agents such as LA Direct’s Derek Hay carry multiple agent licenses, one for each state (that requires licensure) he operates in or sends talent to. I know the rumors of his sexual misconduct and attempted manslaughter (what leaving someone for dead in the desert would be — the TL;DR explanation of one of Lisa Ann’s accusations) of girls he supposedly is angry at exist but most of the accusations are so out there that no one can reasonably believe them. IIRC Mark Spiegler also has both California and Nevada licenses, I don’t think he sends talent out to Miami but according to what he told a Medium interviewer he allows his talent to book their own scenes wherever so some will show up out there.

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