Did you know Maya Bijou of @HussieModels was arrested for MURDER?!?!?!?! *** Reader Email

Riley Reynolds surrounds himself with real winners.  It’s like he always seems to find himself associated with some sort of trouble. It’s like he’s a magnet for drama and criminal activity. I think you’ll find today’s Reader Email proves that point perfectly.

You’ve got some good stories about Riley Reynolds but you are missing the best 1 ever and that’s about a chick he reps named Maya Bijou. She had some poor dude killed because he called her a whore. I mean she actually called 2 of her low life thug friends, who she was staying with at the time to come shoot a guy 5 times. What kind of ghetto shit is that? And this is the kind of people Riley represents? 

It only took me about five minutes of digging to verify this story. I don’t know how every single one of us in the adult industry missed this story because apparently, it was all over the news for months.

Maya Bijou didn’t like something someone said to her so she called two of her thug friends and had them come and murder the guy, right then and there.

When she turned 18 Maya Bijou started doing porn. But Maya Bijou wasn’t just destined to be any porn star, no – she found her way into the hands of Riley Reynolds who at the time was illegally operating his business out of the state of Florida. Oh wait, who am I kidding? He’s still doing that.

Anywho … it wouldn’t be long before Maya Mijou would be orchestrating a murder, all because felt slighted by a man she had been partying with.

Police said they believe Maya Bijou orchestrated the attack through phone calls and text messages to her two male friends who later showed up with guns and shot the victim 5 times.

This man, Phillip Niles Jr. is now dead because of Maya Bijou. She threatened the man and then called 2 of her thug friends to come murder him.

While partying they got into an argument and Phillip Niles Jr. ends up calling her a whore, because apparently earlier she revealed she was a porn star. She got upset and made several threats.

“You don’t know me,” she told him, according to police. “You don’t know what I’m capable of.” After she sent some text messages and made phone calls, the two men arrived, with guns.

Maya Bijou and her girlfriend went outside to meet the two men that she called to defend her honor.

The victim followed the girls out of the apartment to continue the argument. That’s where the two men that Maya Bijou called confronted the victim and shot him multiple times. One witness said there were 5 gunshots and then the shooters got back in the car like nothing happened, and they just drove away.

The shooters along with Maya Bijou were arrested later that day, at a Comfort Inn in Monrovia where the three were staying.  Police reportedly recovered two handguns from their car.

The three suspects were arrested on suspicion of murder and suspicion of false imprisonment.

Maya Bijou’s friend was not arrested because she wasn’t involved. In fact, she begged them to let her go but the three held her against her will. That’s why when they were arrested they were held on charges of false imprisonment.

On her personal social media account, Maya Bijou tweeted how upset she was, not about having some guy murdered, but at the media insisting that just because people make bad decisions, doesn’t mean they are bad people.

Sorry Maya Bijou but anyone who has a guy killed, is a bad person.

The public response to Maya Bijou not getting charged for what she did, was nothing short of an outrage.

Later, in court, she would blame it all on drugs. “We did a lot of coke that night”. Still, not taking responsibility for her part in the man’s murder.

It’s clear that she has no remorse. Heck, within a week of getting out of jail Maya Bijou went back to Florida and was back at work, Riley Reynolds booking her in new scenes. While she was living her best life, having the time of her life with the help of her agent Riley Reynolds, the man she had murdered was … well, he was dead. His life was over.

Maya Bijou went to Vegas in November, just months after the murder and then she went to Hawaii the very next month for a shoot with AT Kingdom. Then again the Hawaii shoot is really less of a real shoot and more of a private. Basically, a guy hires a porn star and brings her to Hawaii for a week where they fuck for the whole week, he records it and they all pretend like it’s a real shoot.


And while she was on the beaches of Hawaii the man she had murdered was … well, he was dead. His life was over. There would be no trips to Vegas or  Hawaii for him because Maya Bijou called her two friends and had them murder him.

Maya Bijou in Hawaii

Six months after orchestrating the murder, she was on social media asking her fans to help pay the funeral expenses for her grandmother. I wonder if she helped pay the funeral expenses of the man she had murdered?

Maya Bijou’s 2 friends (Laquan Dontae Parker and Brandon Jamal Perkins) who she had murder Phillip Niles Jr., went on to be convicted of murder two months ago. Parker was found guilty of first-degree murder while Perkins was guilty of second-degree murder.

Laquan Dontae Parker and Brandon Jamal Perkins
Laquan Dontae Parker and Brandon Jamal Perkins


Maya Bijou remains free as the DA’s office didn’t feel they had enough evidence to press charges.

282104cookie-checkDid you know Maya Bijou of @HussieModels was arrested for MURDER?!?!?!?! *** Reader Email

Did you know Maya Bijou of @HussieModels was arrested for MURDER?!?!?!?! *** Reader Email

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13 Responses

  1. Sounds like she somehow came up with enough money to bribe the DA not to charge her. How long before she contracts for another hit on someone and isn’t lucky enough to be able to bribe her way out of that one? Do the reporters here at Mike South, Karma and I all need to hire bodyguards now?

  2. Wow this is some crazy shit. I don’t understand how she wasn’t charged. She literally arranged a hit, like a mobster. No one in the industry should ever give this bitch a job again.

  3. And because it’s porn – an industry that doesn’t believe in accountability – she lives to fuck another day on screen with zero negative repercussions.

  4. Wonder if Laquan Dontae Parker and Brandon Jamal Perkins are actually male performers ? Does Riley of Hussie Models know them ? IDK maybe they did content trade for him or drug running.

    Nothing is surprising anymore. I mean look, Rob Baker is a murderer and that cannot disputed at this point in time.
    Since Riley Reynolds over at Hussie Models name seems to surface at the most spineless acts perhaps there is a connection.

    Sounds crazy but this man has some of the most diabolical ratchet criminals on his roster including and not limited to him self.
    Riley was charged with burglary of a home. He has one female on the roster with 4 counts of this very crime.

  5. Anyone look at Hussie Models twitter? He tweeted that she was available only like 3 days after the shooting. How fucked up is that?

  6. There must have not been evidence proving that she ordered a hit. Maybe she called her friends and told them what happened, and they came in her defense. Maybe, at most, she asked them to kick his ass. It sounds like you don’t know the whole story. If it was proven that she ordered a hit, I would imagine she would have been charged with a crime.

  7. I can’t figure something out. Didn’t Laquan Dontae Parker and Brandon Jamal Perkins say anything like – she initiated all this, at least to ease their plight and conscience?!

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