Random guys trying to book girls behind their agents back

What is with all the douche bags hitting girls up on twitter trying to book them behind their agents back?

Recently a guy by the name of Chase Blue has been contacting girls on twitter to book scenes claiming he’s a legit producer. For reference, he uses the email address [email protected]. His reference? None other than Maya Bijou from Hussie Models. We reached out to Maya Bijou to ask her why this scam artist was using her name as a reference and she refused to comment.

We looked into this Chase Blue and it turns out he doesn’t have a single director or producer credit.

He’s contacted several female performers including most recently Jade Kush. When she told him to contact her agent he came back with the excuse that he was scared. No seriously, he actually said that. lol

This guy isn’t the only one. In fact, Owen Gray tried it too. This dick even admitted he know the girl was in a contract and still tried to pull some shady shit?

This Owen Gray guy has some balls trying to go behind agent’s back to get girls to do scenes for him. This is how you get on an agency’s blacklist.

For those of you wondering why it’s such a big deal? Well, let me enlighten you. Fake producers often times produce fake STD tests. Then you’ll have another Mr. Marcus situation to deal with.

Fake producers write fake checks or don’t pay at all. How many times have we heard that scenario?

Fake producers put girls in a vulnerable position where they could be beaten and/or raped.

Fake producers may try and pull what we call the “Chris Strokes Special”, where they will talk a girl into doing a scene for free, as what they call a content trade.  Only the girl does the scene and never gets a copy of it. Now the girl not only paid the $160 for the STD test, and fucked some guy for free. So in other words, you just paid $160 to fuck some guy and he has the scene and you have nothing.

These are just some of the many reasons you never want to work with some random guy who contacts you on Twitter claiming he’s a legit producer.



311870cookie-checkRandom guys trying to book girls behind their agents back

Random guys trying to book girls behind their agents back

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7 Responses

  1. “Chris Strokes special”? Are you sure you don’t mean “Christian XXX”? Because I’ve been hearing that’s his move for years. Maybe Strokes learned it from Christian.

  2. Actually a Chris stokes special is being booked with him for a b/g vag shoot and he “accidentally” sticks it in the girls ass. He does it often and girls still fall for it.

  3. It should be noted that Owen Gray is best known for being in BDSM scenes, especially taking Madeline’s strap-on up his extra loose ass. He has been around the industry for years and should know better. Derek, have fun with Owen in court like you did Trinity St. Whore (I think you got her for $10K when she attempted to masquerade as one of your performers agent, now that precedent has been set Owen should pay about $20K plus taking a Coke can dildo attached to one of your top female talent up his ass IMO). I haven’t ever heard of that Chase Blue idiot.

  4. Haha , yeah cxxx is the master if selling the content trade idea and not paying scene rates . He was very good at this with a lot of his trans Girls who were new to open scenes ( he hits up every one in cam sites and twitter and so forth ). The “ well you own a scene you can sell if you decide to Open a site”

    Good way to keep talent cost low

  5. I always wondered how OG gets certain girls especially since he’s a c4s producer mainly. Most of these agents don’t even answer emails from new producers, some intentionally refuse to book their girls for any shoots. I’ve seen a lot of girl with agents post “Independent” on sexyjobs. I know OG, CS, CXXX make tons of money from this content trade BS.
    while new guys get hit with $2,000 B/G rate.
    NinaKayy called out CS for releasing their anal too early, he didn’t even tag her in the promo tweet.

  6. Let me guess, Hop. CXXX had another Twitter (and also an old Mike South account IIRC) he used to promote his main account/porn site and makes people think the shill account isn’t him? Twitter management probably figured out what he was doing and shut the account down. People figured out CXXX’s shill Mike South account a long time ago. Everyone have a nice day and don’t catch AIDS on one of CXXX’s third rate tranny sets.

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