Mr. Marcus kicked out of AVN awards nomination party for sexual harassment

If you were wondering what that piece of shit douche-bag Mr. Marcus (aka Mr. Syphilis) has been up to lately, you might be interested to learn that he not only had the balls to show up to an industry event, the AVN awards nomination party tonight but he also got himself kicked out for sexually harassing Tasha Reign.

Tasha Reign was hosting the red carpet live at the AVN awards nomination event where apparently she met up with the loser himself.  Thank goodness she spoke up for what he did to her and got his sorry ass removed from the event.

Tasha Reign at the 2018 AVN Awards Nomination party

Fuck you, Mr. Marcus!

Take your fake test, lying syphilis ass and go away!

192081cookie-checkMr. Marcus kicked out of AVN awards nomination party for sexual harassment

Mr. Marcus kicked out of AVN awards nomination party for sexual harassment

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  1. Yet (unless I missed it) silence on Ron Jeremy and multiple meandering rants defending Jack Venice.

  2. I want there to be no confusion since Mr. Marcus is now playing innocent – here are some sources to back up that Mr. Marcus not only faked his STD test but also went to jail over it — including USA Today, Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, and CBS News. Let there be no confusion, Mr. Marcus faked his STD test and even if he now tries to lie about it, the internet doesn’t forget! MR. MARCUS HAD A SERIOUS STD – syphilis faked his test and still performed.

    “On July 13, 2012, Spencer [Mr. Marcus] received a penicillin shot after testing positive for syphilis during a routine industry screening before he was to make a film. Following a second screening July 21, prosecutors said Spencer continued to test positive for syphilis and altered the original form by obscuring the result on a photocopy, reports the station. They say he then returned to work, participating in two adult movie shoots.”

  3. What more is there to say about Ron Jeremy? He did it multiple times, got caught, kicked out of Exxxotica, exposed so now people know to avoid him. What more is there to say about it? If more information comes to light I will post it.

  4. There were photos online showing Marcus having sex with a young euro girl and his junk had spots all over it like chocolate chips.

  5. Speaking of Ron Jeremy – here is what Lainie Speiser said on Facebook about him and I think it says everything —

    I think he crosses the line. I introduced him to my client Kendra Sunderland at Exxxotica and it the blink of an eye he pulled out her breast and started sucking her nipple. She was 19 years old, didn’t know him from Adam and I felt terrible about it. I still do because we’ve all been, oh that’s just Ron, that’s no excuse. It’s just not acceptable.

  6. Tasha Reign doesn’t owe you anything you piece of shit. Nobody owes you shit. And don’t you dare threaten me to try and get me to call you loser ass show. Seriously stop trying to claim Mr. Marcus was banned from AVN because he was black? FUCK YOU. He’s banned because he faked his test, shut the entire industry down and infested multiple people. Shame on you for trying to defend this piece of shit.

  7. The allegations against Mr. Marcus are committed with the expressed intent to damage his reputation further “kick a black man who is already down”., not the first time.

    It has nothing to do with his being a black man. If a white guy did what Marcus did they would have been banned as well.Not everything is about race.

  8. From day 1 Mr. Marcus has tried to make what he did an issue of race. It’s sad really that after all this time he still hasn’t owned up 2 what he did.

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