Prince Yahshua Sues Hussie Models in Lawsuit for over 1 MILLION DOLLARS

Did you hear about the Hussie Models Lawsuit? No? It was just recently filed. There has been some industry gossip going around for a while about an alleged fake test and Prince Yahshua, allegedly fueled and orchestrated by Riley Reynolds himself. This is not the first time Hussie Models is accused of playing dirty. This allegation though, Prince Yashua is NOT taking lying down. A recently filed complaint in California has the pornstar seething as he seeks damages.

What is going on with the Hussie Models Lawsuit?

The complaint alleges that the owner of Hussie Models, Riley Reynolds began a whisper campaign saying that Prince Yahshua faked an STI test. The alleged slander did not end there though and eventually ended with Prince Yahshua being banned from the Talent Testing system. A system that is vital to ensuring performers are safe to shoot. This effectively could end his career in the mainstream world to which, which is where the damages come in. The Hussie Models lawsuit goes on to say that Prince suffered mentally as well as financially from these actions.

Hussie Models Lawsuit

Published on Feb. 4, 2022, the alleged defamatory posts harmed his reputation and income of Prince. The complaint lists 10 other Does who will be added once their real names are ascertained. Prince is going after all who perpetrated the allegation that led to his removal from the talent pool. It is also interesting that in the Hussie models lawsuit, a trial by jury was demanded. When we see such cases, it is rare that the plaintiff comes out asking for such (especially in porn).

What is in the complaint

Prince Yashua is asking for $250,000 in compensatory damages (aka how much he believes he lost due to the lie) and punitive damages of up to $1,000,000.

In the adult industry, there is often talk about lawsuits and threats (ok, honestly that is everywhere… every time I go to a store someone is saying they will sue or their brother is an attorney) but actually getting an attorney to file? Especially with defamation/slander/libel cases, the deck is stacked against plaintiffs here in America. In the United Kingdom, a defendant has to prove they DID believe what they said… here in the USA though… the plaintiff has to prove the defendant not only said/wrote what they did but also that they KNEW it to be false. This can be extremely hard and most lawyers won’t touch such a case.

Has Riley Reynolds had a sketchy past?

While I personally try to be as unbiased in reporting as possible, it is really hard to ignore the Rolling Stones article about the Hot Girls Wanted Star, Riley Reynolds… Accused of not being properly licensed to be an agent in Florida, this isn’t the first time Mr. Reynolds has found himself in hot water. There are plenty of articles here on Mike South alone about him… and also more on the Hussie Models owner here…. also you can find more about Riley here… I could go on but then you would start to think we just have a hate boner for this man… no simply face palming and reporting on what is transpiring.

It is true, Hussie Models continues to get more press than many other agencies. Just not for the reasons anyone would hope for. Even the movie Hot Girls Wanted, most of us in the industry hate it. It isn’t an accurate depiction of what it is like to work in the adult industry.


What does this mean for the adult industry?


Through all the rumors and emails sent in here to the staff at Mike South… we never saw evidence of a faked test. We heard many different versions of ‘what happened’ but no fake test came in. That isn’t to say it doesn’t exist but that it will be a HIGH bar for Riley Reyolds to produce.

This lawsuit against Hussie Models is interesting too as agencies are often the gatekeepers for many models looking to be booked in the industry. It is inarguably the duty of those who are higher up in any industry to act with a great form of integrity. Being able to select who gets what job is a career with great power and anyone who has watched Spider-Man knows the line… “With great power comes great responsibility”. If true, Riley Reyolds would have been better to stay out of it. Far better to focus on getting his models bookings…

What about the other 10 Does? Could they actually lose a case such as this? Without knowing the exact does it is really hard to say. If they hold the sort of influence Riley Reyolds does though, it could be. Talent Testing’s name not appearing doesn’t mean they are a doe. Essentially they acted on the allegations as they were severe. If anything, they could make a good witness for Prince.

Prince Yahshua is able to test at CET currently and is available to shoot.



Click to download the full (redacted) court document. redacted 847824-1255664-COM040_624735453878b[2056]

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Prince Yahshua Sues Hussie Models in Lawsuit for over 1 MILLION DOLLARS

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