The FBI paid Riley Reynolds of Hussie Models a little visit

I guess it’s true what they say, you really can’t fix stupid.

Riley Reynolds of Hussie Models visit from the FBI

I remember years ago when Rob Black challenged the feds to come and arrest him. He had this huge ego and convinced he was Teflon. He found out the hard way, that wasn’t the case and he spent some time in the big house. See that’s the thing about the government, you don’t challenge them. You don’t go out of your way to piss them off. When they come knocking at your door you bow down, show some respect and some restraint.

Of course, Riley Reynolds isn’t the bright bulb, and he proved that yesterday when the FBI paid him a visit. He actually went on Facebook and bragged about it. #facepalm

See the FBI isn’t the same as the regular police. They don’t drop by for random welfare checks. You can bet your sweet ass that if the FBI comes knocking at your door it’s for a damn good reason and that you’ve been on their radar for some time.

Multiple sources have told us that Hussie Models and Riley Reynolds have been under investigation for some time for various crimes including human trafficking, rape, local code violations, and various violations of Florida labor laws.

At this point the question isn’t if he’s going to get popped, it’s just a matter of time. It’s anyone’s guess but my money is on sooner rather than later.




275610cookie-checkThe FBI paid Riley Reynolds of Hussie Models a little visit

The FBI paid Riley Reynolds of Hussie Models a little visit

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  1. Kelli, I agree that when the FBI shows up and questions you regarding a case where you are the proposed defendant your ass is likely cooked. When the FBI knocks and you aren’t simply a witness, the best course of action is to assert your fifth amendment privilege and send them packing. At that point they can either arrest you or get the fuck off of your property. If Riley answered their questions without an attorney standing next to him he likely sealed his case against him. The FBI doesn’t arrest immediately (in most cases), they go get an arrest warrant and come back with that warrant and probably a search warrant on top of it. I hope Riley likes slop, handcuffs, bubbas, brutal beatdowns (by street gang members) and cages (otherwise known as cells) because he will likely be getting a lot of all of them. As Lurk says, the FBI (usually) doesn’t ask suspects questions that they don’t already know the answer to. I wouldn’t be surprised if Riley’s recent ex-girlfriend Gia Page is swept up in the FBI dragnet along with some of his talent “agency” clients, nothing is out about them being investigated but just from the Hot Girls Wanted segment it appears that Gia was too involved in his business to not be at least under investigation. Oh, Kelli, I have Gia’s legal name if you need it (you may to investigate the possible charges against Riley et. al. further), it was easy to find but I don’t think actually posting it here is a wise move.

  2. Maharis127
    I can confirm Gia is not part of the issues with Reynolds; no matter how HGW may have twisted it. You don’t leave your fiancé for no reason: clearly ripping off your friends would be one of them

    As for Reynolds; I am one of his past models and will remain anonomys for personal reasons. I am one of the models who reported him for fraudulent activities among plenty others. He has sent girls home in debt, threatened them, coerced them, etc all while being unlicensed for months. I love many of his models but won’t cry when his agency is shut down
    Exposing those who wrong us-PornBust

  3. The things the Feds would investigate would be human trafficking, Mann Act violations or anything to do with underage, the rest is state and local. Mann Act is the one that could bite a LOT of people in porn.

  4. While Riley was typing his Facebook post the agents were typing their reports.

    Can’t recall where I saw it or the name of the ‘documentary’ filmed at his ‘model house’ but it’s out there and so are disenchanted performers.

    My three wooden nickels say this FBI visit will bite Riley in the ass. Putting three more wooden nickels on his cognitive bias taking comments like ‘dude ya shouldn’t be so cocky’ as a compliment.

  5. I am not in the porn industry but have worked in the film industry since 1985. Never met or spoke or worked with Riley but he did reach out for my location services on December 24, 2016. He insulted me when I turned him down and ousts me with a low ball price for a location for an entire weekend, $400.00! I book multimillion dollar houses for thousands of dollars for high profile clients for mainstream print and film shoots. So what does Riley do? He insults me more which eventually leads to an investigation on Hussie Models. Let me tell you how stupid this man is… he registered his Florida corporation Hussie Models, LLC to an address to what I found out later to be the infamous CamSoda house in Florida! He has no legal ownership of nor any lease with the property. What was he thinking he would get away with this? The best part is the City ended up buying the property from the Senior Citizen couple who really owned the property and I am sure they collect Riley’s mail! The FBI will have no problem profiling this idiot!!

  6. Porn Bust, thank you for posting. I am sorry you got fucked (without being kissed first). I am glad to hear that Gia likely won’t be swept up in the FBI dragnet.

    Mike, if PB is accurate and there is fraud involved, the FBI might be investigating that as well. Of course the Mann Act could be an issue but fraud and non-Mann Act human trafficking (an example of that would be coercing clients to stand on Ocean Drive in Miami and blow drunk johns for $50 a pop to pay for debts although I can’t say Riley did that) are issues that the FBI and federal court system get involved in from time to time.

    Lurk, I fully agree with your comment (for once). I will add that Riley will likely be doing “hard time” at La Tuna before too many years pass. I am sure Rob Black will want him to say “hi” to his old friends there.

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