READ Lenna Lux’s Civil Complaint Against Riley Reynolds and Hussie Models

We’re grateful to Lenna Lux‘s attorney, Brandon Kolb, for sending over a copy of the civil complaint he filed on her behalf against rogue “talent agent” Riley Reynolds and unlicensed Florida agency Hussie Models.

There’s quite a bit of material here, but it’s well worth reviewing to the end. There are references to TeamSkeet, Reality Kings, Mandingo, Hussie Auditions and more.

READ Lenna Lux's Civil Complaint Against Riley Reynolds and Hussie Models

Lux, who was with Hussie Models in the first few months of 2018, filed a complaint Sept. 7 in Pinellas County Circuit Court against Riley Reynolds (born Brian O’Malley), and Hussie Models LLC, alleging breach of contract, unjust enrichment, and violation of the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act.

Specifically, Lux alleges Reynolds and Hussie utilized coercion to gain, secure, or ensure Lux’s’s cooperation or acquiescence to continue exploitation and collected proceeds directly from a pattern of criminal activity.

As reported in The Daily Beast on Monday

If Reynolds was unauthorized as an agent, he should not have been able to take a cut of his clients’ earnings. But over the course of her working relationship with Reynolds, Lux claims that the agent persistently charged her fees, leaving her thousands of dollars in debt, and then “used that debt as a means to control her while exploiting her,” according to a cease and desist letter from Lux’s lawyer to the agent’s attorney. The actress submitted several invoices as evidence, documenting thousands of dollars in fees from Reynolds. When the actress later sought work elsewhere, the cease and desist letter says, Reynolds allegedly attempted to “blacklist” her from the industry.

You can see the invoices, the Cease and Desist letter, and other materials — including text conversations — below.

Riley Reynolds in his office


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Obviously Riley Reynolds is claiming his innocence in the media, but I personally don’t know how he intends to defend himself in a Pinellas County court against these well-detailed allegations.

Reynolds has now claimed publicly that he took no agent fees for shoots booked in the state of Florida. Are we really supposed to believe he did all this work detailed below as an altruistic endeavor?



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READ Lenna Lux’s Civil Complaint Against Riley Reynolds and Hussie Models

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