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From Dirty bob:

DEN said” “I will take your advice and not look to AVN for anything anymore.” Dirty bob says “I never gave that advise or suggested

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Felicia Fox Writes:

Felicia Fox Comments on the Current Situation I am disgusted by the industry’s reaction to the HIV situation. Who would’ve thought that Mary Carey, who

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TVShooter Writes:

After reading that thread and what some of these folks are saying….you wonder why Ashcroft and the Justice Dept are coming after them? Geez…I can

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Richard Writes Again:

Dear Cap’n, How on god’s green sea do you expect to get Adella in your boat, now that she’s seen that photo? Yours, Dick Well

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RD Writes:

Mike, please edit as you see fit but…Oh yes… hear we go again!! Can’t wait for the next episode, which I am sure there is

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