CalOSHA Fines SteamRay Studios For No Condoms

steamrayFrom Reuters:

Thu Jan 24, 2013 12:00pm EST

On January 10th, OSHA officials issue multiple safety citations to Chatsworth-based Streamray Studios, Inc., which produces work for Penthouse, for failing to follow workplace safety regulations, including failure to `…ensure use of appropriate personal protective equipment, such as…condoms…”

OSHA citations came about after stepped up inspections following an outbreak of syphilis, a highly contagious but curable STD, shut down the entire industry for several weeks last summer
LOS ANGELES–(Business Wire)–
AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) has learned that Cal/OSHA (California`s Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Occupational Safety and Health), the state`s health and safety regulatory and watchdog organization, issued multiple workplace safety citations to Chatsworth-based adult film production company Streamray Studios Inc., including several for failing to follow workplace safety regulations, including for failure to `…ensure use of appropriate personal protective equipment, such as…condoms…”

The OSHA citations came about after stepped up inspections following an outbreak of syphilis, a highly contagious but curable STD, shut down the entire adult industry for several weeks last summer. Inspections at Streamray occurred on or before October 4th and October 17th 2012.

On January 10, 2013, officials from the High Hazard Unit of Cal OSHA issued seven (7) citations ranging in degree from general to serious to Streamray. Three (3) of the seven dealt specifically with condom use and availability (or lack thereof) and/or safer sex practices among the adult film performers, including a citation for failure to `write, establish, implement, and/or maintain an Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) which met the requirements of this standard for their employees who were exposed to hazards including but not limited to sexually transmitted illness in the course of producing adult videos. The seven citations resulted in financial penalties or fines totaling $28,460, of which $14,175 of the fines were specifically issued for lack of condoms on set, lack of an Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) and Exposure Control Plan.

“Streamray now joins the ranks of a growing list of adult film producers and distributors cited by Cal/OSHA for failing to properly follow workplace safety regulations on their adult film sets with regard to condom use and other safety precautions, cited specifically under Cal/OSHA`s Bloodborne Pathogens Program, Personal Protective Equipment guidelines-i.e. for failing to use condoms or other barrier protection,” said Michael Weinstein, President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation. “What is particularly heartening about these Streamray citations is that OSHA issued these citations alongside other citations for far more mundane violations-breakers in an electrical panel not being properly labeled, or for a table saw that did not have the proper guards and safety devices attached. In short, OSHA has normalized and incorporated the condom and bloodborne pathogens citations as a routine part of a whole battery of potential violations that an employer or workplace could face. We thank Cal/OSHA for stepping up to enforce regulations designed to protect the workplace safety of adult film workers at Streamray and other adult film producers in California.”

Background on AHF`s Adult Film Worker Safety Efforts

In November 2012, Los Angeles County voters passed Ballot Measure B, the County of Los Angeles Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act. Measure B is the so-called condoms in porn measure spearheaded by AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) with an overwhelming margin of voter support-57% to 43%.

Earlier last year, the City Council adopted the `City of Los Angeles Safer Sex In The Adult Film Industry Act,` which conditioned the issuance of City of Los Angeles film permits to adult film producers to condom use in the subsequent adult films shot and produced in Los Angeles. AHF had first introduced the item as a proposed City ballot measure; however, City Council-anticipating that the measure would likely have passed-voted instead, as permitted by law, to adopt that measure outright in an 11 to 1 vote.

Both the City and County measures were initially spearheaded by AHF and members of the advocacy group, FAIR (`For Adult Industry Responsibility`), after as many as 22 HIV infections believed to be industry-related were reported in several outbreaks in Los Angeles since 2004, and amidst thousands of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) occurring annually among adult performers.

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CalOSHA Fines SteamRay Studios For No Condoms

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6 Responses

  1. Okay, so to be sure everybody is on the same page, let me simply state:
    CAL/OSHA came to the adult film producers and asked politely that they start using condoms in their films. The adult film companies told them where to stick it and continued to put their employees in harms way simply for increased profits! Thank God SOMEONE cares about the talent, even if they are too stupid to care about themselves!!!!!
    Nick East
    Ps. Talent fighting to not use condoms seems to me like ancient roman gladiators arguing for the right to fight to the death! Stupid!!!

  2. Pile on a few more of these and the companies will stop shooting in LA. Wonder if they confiscated the film?

  3. And this had NOTHING to do with Measure B. As i said before, it doesnt matter if Measure B hholds up in court or not, OSHA still rules the day. And notice one of the serious violations, ‘failure t make a post exposure evalutation and follow up for EXPOSURE to blood borne pathogen.” This means employers are required to test and treat if AFTER someone has been exposed to OPIM on thier set.

  4. What about the one from the LAFD for not having fire extinguishers?? and this is only ONE company. Wait until they go after Uncle Peg.

    Now that will really be news and really funny! Maybe he’ll make the MOST top ten people in porn.

  5. I think that it’s funny that a table saw missing a plastic guard and spreader is as big an issue if not more than the condom or safety issues on set.

    The first two items can easily be addressed once and put to bed, as they will never have to actually be used – as their would have to be proof of an exposure on set during filming, in a manner timely enough to merit the employer doing something. So they need to pay someone to write them up a nice story and assemble the parts, sort of on par with a first aid kit.

    The “condoms or other barriers” issue is the hard one to get around, although I have a feeling that someone may have a good argument on this one coming. I have a feeling that one or more porn companies may try to get porn work put into the same category as stunt work, in that the performers are paid to knowingly take certain risks, and that all other safety procedures are in place to protect them. Otherwise, there would be no valid stunt work in California, because there would always be risk that could be avoided (don’t drive that car full of explosives, it’s dangerous!).

  6. Proof when do nothing about thing like this in porn indusrty gone bite in ass instead fade way to nothing. To those in porn indusrty think you can hide from this pray do not get caught becuase it very clear if they catch you gone be very bad day. If you hope frist amendment gone save from this I look how second amendment being attack buy are federal state government right now. This good warning to those told porn indusrty this would never happen they where more full shit than Ca dairy cow. This well be frist many more storys like this in porn inusrty.

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