The FSC Does The Industry more Harm Than Good – Reader Mail

Wondering if Duke/FSC consider all the US citizens and CA citizens who begged for a way to reduce and eliminate Aids/HIV as “narrow focus group’ and Just what the FSC thinks it really is?
I seem to recall performers who caught AIDS using their last efforts to fight for change, so their plight didn’t have to be yours. They used their screen fame to draw attention to the once deadly disease we take for granted as a chronic condition today…thanks to the ‘narrowly focused’ medical and scientific groups who made this their cause.
21 years is way too long to ignore the regulations put in place to stop Blood Borne Pathogens (BBP). BBP addresses more than HIV, cancer causing HepC, HPV, syphilis, GC and CT. The industry gold standard now includes six routine screenings. In 1998 AIM was formed to offer HIV screening alone.
On the surface it looks like a adequate response to the industry disease threat…it isn’t. Nor does adding shaved public hair, making it easier to see Herpes, genital warts or crabs. The list goes on..but all the medical folks that treat these medical conditions must be wrong because FSC/stakeholders and non-member stakeholders say ‘don’t worry our tests stop disease at the gate.’
What gate? What about the numerous other sexually transmitted diseases? Oh that’s right…no one can regulate how you choose to have sex…seems FSC overlooked that those freedoms are INDIVIDUAL rights that fly out the window once commerce sets in bringing labor safety and fiscal reporting into the picture.
I am free to choose what I do in my private life as a citizen of the US, I’m limited in my activities when paid for a service or product. In exchange for the payment offered I agree to put aside some of the rights or liberties I’d have as an individual with the expectation that the payment will adequately compensate me for the service or goods provided.
The gate for the adult industry is wider than the doors at any club that names and shames the latest victim of HIV or other disease as it isn’t required that you’ll have unprotected sex once you choose to enter the club, it is for filming and often the escorting that FSC would never admit their member stakeholders book and profit from.
For over 20 years FSC industry stakeholders/leaders have chosen to focus on advocating how they are a victim, helpless to find a way of continuing their chosen field of commerce, additionally focused promotional marketing, fiscal affiliations, fighting 2257 and working to shield the info required in exchange for lower taxation through non-profit status. Today they are even proud to announce their partnership with UK stakeholders to stop ISP filters.  How gallant of them in their narrowly focused goal of preventing loss of revenue to meddle in UK policy. They must be proud of how the industry worries at each incident and the performers still paying for the testing system they proclaim works so well. It certainly brings bragging rights over all the other US industries forking out big bucks to protect their workers. Oops forgot, performers aren’t adult industry workers they are IC despite the Workers Comp ruling from the 1998 HIV incident finding that how performers are paid doesn’t change their function in the workplace.
Where has the FSC a US non-profit organization advocated and/or sought exemptions to US regulatory laws crushing them. They haven’t banded together a legal argument to fight and eliminate OSHA BBP isn’t discriminatory against imposes labor safety on every US industry. For four years instead of developing a safe way to maintain the adult industry way of life…FSC argued studies about transmission rates in/out of the industry, maintained their stance that they shouldn’t cover IC performers (who likely have sex outside work), and maintain that their testing program works.
Meanwhile they shout, our hands are tied with laws that prevent us from doing HIV pre-employment screening..excuses..other groups with far less at stake fought for and found an exemption to this, even still FSC didn’t get on board, choosing to cry victim instead.
It would seem FSC doesn’t include MSM production or stakeholders filming outside California as part of the industry when they present their numbers. Nor do they include the escorting booked by stakeholder industry leaders. This flys in the face of their national network of approved testing facilities to facilitate stakeholder compliance with their testing standards, limiting their liability while passing the cost onto the workers. It’s a shame members and stakeholders haven’t forced the FSC to limit the liability of bad press caused by every disease incident.
I beg to differ with the 2013 list offered of performers who likely didn’t expect it to happen to them, that list would include every performer post 1991 US and 1992 California BBP regulations.
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The FSC Does The Industry more Harm Than Good – Reader Mail

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  1. Rick, I think you mean Michael Whiteacre, not Whitacre. I know he is somewhat caustic at times (I am guilty of that offense myself quite often so I can’t knock the guy for that trait) but I believe he does truly care about the adult film industry and has good intentions whether you agree with him or not. Michael Whiteacre (along with Mike South, Sean from TRPWL, Mark Speigler and a few others) was also instrumental in beating Donny Long’s attempt to ruin the biz using his PWL forum to scare away and ridicule talent. You can probably see that I don’t agree with your assertion calling Michael Whiteacre an idiot whether I agree with him on something or not. I think Michael is a smart guy that just got mixed up in a couple of situations that he shouldn’t have recently. We all have to live and learn from life.

    As far as Manfuck’s management, they can go suck a cock with the clap and syphilis. Better yet, hire John Stagliano, Rod Daily and TJ Cummings to ass fuck and anally cream pie everyone on the board and management of Manfuck/FuckGeek, hopefully at least some of them would get HIV. Tube sites were the second worst thing to happen to porn in a long time (the worst thing is the four HIV infections this year). The true majority owners of the porn tube sites deserve to die a long, painful death.

    Say, isn’t it about time for Steve Hirsch to offer Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer $1 million to do porn? I can be male talent if Steve is willing to cover my expenses to get to LA and eat/sleep/get around while there. Marissa is cute and fuckable and certainly more marketable than the last batch of E list celebs (except maybe the tape with Pippi Longstocking which was not put out by Steve/Vivid). The hardest task for Vivid would be keeping the scene off of the tubes.

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