RD Writes:

Mike, please edit as you see fit but…Oh yes… hear we go again!! Can’t wait for the next episode, which I am sure there is more to come. I am positive there are plenty more horror stories of the jiz biz that we never hear about. When will these idiots learn? WTF, why has porn become more “shock value trash”, then good ‘ol fashion sex, and please don’t waste your lame ass excuse of ‘this is what the market is asking for’. Lets go back about 10 years when anal was rarely filmed and considered taboo.. I long for those days.. as much of the shit being put out isn’t worth the disc its printed on.
I do believe when the choking incident from ZTE came out there was quite a buzz on ADT, so maybe you should check it out. Quaze is a better man now (I think) and I cant praise him enough to be bold and stick his neck out for the responses he was inquiring from the viewers. I know BI is a member, but the only ones that respond to him are ones who don’t have balls to say what they really feel about “shock porn”, and think it makes them look really big to say “Fuck her til she pukes and bleeds.. gape her ass so we can see what she had for dinner last night.. stick at least 4 cocks in her ass and add 2 in her pussy..oh and don’t forget to have her swallow at least 50 loads of cum or more. MOST have spoke up about that they don’t care for violence, choking and other degrading factors that seem to be filmed as of late, Bravo guys and gals!! Keep speaking up, cause someone is bound to hear you and listen before “big brother” steps in and wipes them all out of business.
Why does idiocy reign supreme? Good question?? Too many are let in to play the game, but no one is willing to have the balls to count 3 strikes, your out and win one for the good guys. There are bottom feeders of society and for those who want to keep feeding them, then oh well, you one day might realize your mistakes, but far too late. Just take note of Extreme, unless of course you have been under a rock in bum-fuck Egypt. There is no reason on earth why dumbfucks should be allowed to direct or perform such extreme acts, just because they don’t have a life outside of degrading women and only get sex when some poor gal is paid to fuck them. Hmm… I say round up all these assholes, pile ’em in cell block A” and let Big Bubba have at ’em!! But then again, after seeing Extreme get busted, there just might be more room for the others that need a good bitch slap!! He made it sound so good that he was such the “gentleman” for driving her home, please, how pathetic can that be.
PS. Send me an application, I want to sign up and join PETP!! Who’s with me? Maybe we can get Brandon to be president, since he seems so concerned.

And a day or reckoning will come….It just a metter of time….sad thing is it will reflect on all of us.

Today is Tax Day:

We begin with a statistic that should jolt you right out of your seat. Have you ever stopped to consider just how many cumulative hours are spent across this entire country every year just handling the paperwork associated with the federal income tax? American businesses will spend about 3.4 billion man-hours doing tax paperwork this year. Individuals will spend another 1.7 billion man-hours. These figures represent 3 million people working full time all year just to do tax preparation work. Now — get this. It takes more man-hours in this country to pay federal income taxes than it does to build every car, van and truck produced in this country during the same year. (Money Magazine)
Where does your tax money go? Try this: Between 1986 and 1998 the IRS spent $5 billion of your money on a computer system that they were never able to get to work. Five Billion … that’s with a “B”.
Taxes now comprise 31% of the cost of a loaf of bread, 30% of the cost of a hotel room and 43% of the cost of a bottle of beer. (Money Magazine)
The two major tax writing committees of congress are the Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee. Money Magazine reports that seven out of ten members of these committees cannot figure out their own taxes. They have to hire professionals.
Your government recently gave $170 million to a group called PSI. PSI was founded by Philip Harvey. Philip Harvey runs a mail-order porno business called Adam and Eve. PSI wants to hand out condoms around the world. They now have $170 million of your money to fund their project.
At a series of employee retreats workers played children’s games and sang “We are family.” They wrote Christmas carols, went on treasure hunts, dressed in cat costumes and talked to imaginary wizards and magicians. It was a “team-building” exercise for the U.S. Postal Service. Cost? $3,600,000.00.
There are 1.2 million paid tax preparers in the United States. That’s six times more than the number of troops in Iraq. These 1.2 million people add absolutely nothing to our quality of life or standard of living.
Do you know what IRS form 8845 is? It’s the form you fill out to get your “Indian Employment Credit.”
In 1969 the congress discovered that there were 155 taxpayers who paid no taxes because their deductions eliminated their tax liability. That’s when congress passed the Alternative Minimum Tax … just to catch those 155 taxpayers. Today the AMT nails 3 million taxpayers. Within 7 years that figure will soar to 36 million.
The IRS still insists that the income tax is “voluntary.” If you believe that then you believed Bill Clinton when he said that oral sex isn’t sex.

The solution is twofold.

First — reform the tax system by getting rid of the income tax, repealing the income tax amendment and moving to a national retail sales tax. I’ve been promoting such a system for over 15 years. You can find out everything you want to know by studying the website for Americans for Fair Taxation at http://www.fairtax.org.

Second — Government must be reduced to its constitutionally appropriate size. Neither Republicans nor Democrats are up to the task. That’s why I’m a Libertarian.

Brandon Irons Writes in Rec.arts.movies.erotica Newsgroup:

Glad you enjoyed THROATGAGGERS VOL. 4. It is definately the strongest one yet. The other guy in the Taylor Hill scene is Mr. Pete. And for all the P.E.T.P. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Pornstars) who are concerned for Taylor, she is just fine. She let me drive her home afterwards and we kept in touch before she went back to the mid-west.

I wouldn’t say she was “just fine” She held it together during the scene but when she got home sh completely broke down, balled up in a
corner a cried for more than an hour. Taylor isn’t one to let it show but theres a reason she is out of porn….and you’re a large part of

Violence isn’t sexy and Extreme is about to learn a hard lesson about that.

You might do well to pay attention.

BTW I also forgot to mention the fact that in your scene Brandon, Taylor burst a blood vessel in her eye., from the severe gagging and vomiting.

One day, one of you misogynitistic little fucks is going to push it just a little too far and permanently injure or kill some girl. You will then spend a good deal of time in a state prison where, if there is a God, you will get a very unpleasant taste of your own mediciene.

There’s a fact about this biz you won’t EVER See in AVN.

And Steve Answers Mark:

What because we didn’t have WW3 and millions of refuges didn’t pour into Turkey and Jordan and the war, as of today, ended it’s major combat operations (what’s that 3 weeks) and we’re finding mobile chem labs and Iraqis are cheering (please don’t go into the 100 protesters a few days ago who were really protesting about lack of electricity..that the Iraqi government shut off), that N. Korea is know ready to talk bi-laterally (how much will that diplomatic solution save) . How’s that for a run on sentence. I could go on about all the doomsday predictions 3 weeks ago but I’d most likely continue to make you look silly. As a democrat, I am embarrassed at Dascle and Pelosi who will most likely get it in future elections. Hey but thanks for those protests that cost LA county a half million a day. Also, a special hello to those hypocrites who protested about the killing of Iraqi citizens but were now where to be seen the last decade as millions were killed by Hussein. Me thinks though dost protest too much. Can we please move on to a different argument because if elections were held today, Bush is in 4 more years and domestically and in the bedroom anyway, that won’t be a good thing.

Amen to that…I’m a die hard Libertarian and Ashcroft scares me…but not as much as the people in this business who are hell bent on destroying us all scare me.


Mark Kernes Responds to my Nancy Pelosi Comments:

“And the Democrats called the Iraq effort a failed plan?”

Well, the U.S. budget will run a MINIMUM deficit of about $350 BILLION this year, with similar figures projected for at least the next FIVE years — and I say “MINIMUM” because budgets in D.C. ALWAYS run over even the overly-generous amounts they’re usually given — on top of the $6.5 TRILLION we’re already in debt — and this unelected asshole and his Congressional buds have committed us to spending hundreds of billions to rebuild Iraq(‘s oil fields) and try to get its people, who have little concept of human rights (because no one’s ever told them they had any and they apparently weren’t bright enough to think of it on their own), to understand that living in a “democracy” (rest assured it won’t be a Constitutional republic like ours is supposed to be) under the thumb of Halliburton, etc., is better than living in a socialist dictatorship under Hussein. (Does that seem like a run-on sentence to you?)

Didn’t the Democrats use this same argument to try and discredit Ronald Regan? What Mark doesn’t point out is the confidence that Wall Street has shown and that economic indicators are better than when Clinton left office. You really wanna shrink the deficit, get rid of nonsense government spending, lower taxes,(no country has ever taxed itself into prosperity) abolish corporate taxes (Companies don’t pay taxes y’all…they just pass the cost on to us…WE pay taxes)

Tim Case Writes In:

The TimCase Files: 13 April 2003

My tongue was stuck to the roof of my mouth when I woke up, and my eyes felt like someone had rubbed ground glass into them. It was a shock to realize that, as of today, we’d been living in the house for only one month. I opened my eyes and looked at the clock…6:15am and it seemed damn early for a sunday morning. I crawled out of bed slowly, trying not to disturb Felicia, who had an 8am call time for a Vivid film, and I walked naked into the living room.
It was quiet in Reseda. The bums were still asleep and the birds weren’t even singing yet. I noticed that the water in the pool had turned a lovely shade of green overnight…as dirty as Cynara’s drug tests.
I was feeling rough, like I’d been cornholed by Kiki Daire. I made a mental note to stop by Senor Pool later on, down at the corner of Puta and Pendejo, and pick up some shock therapy emergency algae/bacteria killer to clean up the water. Obviously a result of one too many nude porno water polo parties. Fucking L.A.
I started the coffee and contemplated waking Felicia up — decided to let her sleep for ten more minutes. Shylar could wait. I lit my first cigarette of the day and headed into the backyard to ponder the past month here in porn valley.
Ohio is nothing but a bad memory for me at this point — a sordid state, filled with rancid corn and acid-headed losers whose main goal in life is snagging their favorite barstool on a Friday night at the saloon. Visions of fat, blonde whores with mean dispositions and bad complexions filled my head — god, I miss the Flamingo.
Felicia Fox, my lovely lady, has been working her ass off since arriving here, Mike. I don’t have to tell you how proud I am of her. Her work lately for Digital Playground, Jill Kelly Productions, and the Wildlife feature “Pure Lust” has been some of the best of her career, and she’s only getting better. XRCO was just fantastic for her, with the entire porn community welcoming her with spread legs and open zippers. And the sight of her shamelessly throwing herself at Marc Davis that night…well, it’s a memory that just brings tears to my eyes — quite a few tears, to be perfectly honest.
(Sort of reminds me of that last Tool concert….)
Our beloved roommate Vandalia, whom you’ll remember from your various trysts in Las Vegas around Expo time, has been doing extremely well and we’re all pleased. She shot with Nick Manning for Wildlife’s “Screw my Wife, Please” series (I even got to play her husband), she’s worked for Legend and SMP among many other companies and is upcoming in AVN’s “Fresh off the Bus”. Hell, she even drove down to Yuma to see her dad, and on the way back stopped off at Dave Cummings place to shoot with him. I believe she’s up to nine scenes at this point, with lots more work on the way. And she’s raking in the cash dancing down at the Deja Vu in North Hollywood a few nights a week.
I’ve been keeping way too busy lately — doing camera work for Sean Michaels, writing press releases, working on scripts, running Fifi around, signing a contract for South River. I try to stay busy, as you already know, but I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately. I don’t know what it is — I get these odd feelings that something has twisted here in the valley, that forces are conspiring against me. I almost get the feeling that I’m being followed.
The other day, Vandalia and Felicia were out eating sushi. Clinging stubbornly to my midwestern upbringing, I’d ordered a large pizza with everything. So I’m sitting on the couch, eating a slice, and the cell phone rings — “CALLER ID BLOCKED”.
I pick up the phone.
“Hello? Is anyone there”
A husky voice on the other end hesitates before finally answering.
“Is this…Timmmm Caaaasssse?”
A shudder went through me…that voice, crazed, psychotic, almost from another lifetime. I reluctantly answered.
“Carly? Is that you?”
Silence again. Then the click of someone hanging up. Was it Harry Weiss? Richard Gere? Cindi Loftus? Adella? Maynard?
I have no idea…just one more unsolved mystery, here in the city of angels.

Next week in the TimCase Files — the first-ever nude photos of my penis. And we begin the campaign to “Hook My Wife Up With Jenna Jameson”

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