Arrest Warrant Issued for Phyllisha Anne

Things have not been going well for Phyllisha Anne lately. Besides her legal troubles with the union, she’s also been busy dodging the cops because she has an outstanding warrant for her arrest in Lake Havasu, Arizona for failing to appear in court, after being arrested for disorderly conduct for fighting. Talk about keeping it classy.

We spoke with the Lake Havasu police department today and they assure us that the warrant for her arrest is in fact still active.

Although only a 2nd-degree misdemeanor, the failure to appear in court charge could get her a fine of up to $500 and/or up-to 60 days in jail.

From what I hear about her, is perhaps where she should be, considering all the shady things she’s been doing with the union as of late.

The 47-year-old former adult performer now serves as the founding member of the International Entertainment Adult Union, the parent union of the Adult Performers Actors Guild.

Phyllisha Anne fell out of favor with the adult industry when it was revealed she secretly took money from the Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF) in their bid, several years ago to force regulation on the industry, in the form of the now-failed bill. As you might imagine, performers were horrified to find that Phyllisha Anne was paid to support a bill that everyone agreed would cause undue harm to the industry, especially the performers. Many rallied to protest against it, but not Phyllisha Anne, she was working behind the scenes to get is passed and got paid to do so.

Phyllisha Anne was also behind the recent attempt to force government regulation on the adult industry again with her work on Californa’s AB2389. This bill, had it passed, would have forced all porn stars to pay for extensive training and licensing (at the performer’s full expense). This will would have required that all performers take expensive classes every year before being allowed to work in the adult industry.

In response, several industry veterans came together to put together a countermeasure, offering an alternative – a free class, certification program through, which is set to officially launch on September 1st. The classes will be available for free to all performers in the adult industry and the certification is for life, not requiring retesting.

Phyllisha Anne has had a long history of trouble with the law including past arrests for drug-related offenses.

It’s unclear how she was able to form a legal union, recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor, with such a troubled past, but rest assured it’s something we will be looking into and reporting back to you as more information becomes available.

Update: Phyllisha Anne has been talking mad shit on Twitter, saying that her arrest for was flashing her boobs. The court records however say otherwise. She was arrested for fighting, not showing her boobs.

You tell me …. does one get arrested for “Disorderly Conduct – Fighting” for flashing your boobs? 


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Arrest Warrant Issued for Phyllisha Anne

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  1. Sounds like Phyllisha Anne is in a bit of trouble. What isn’t mentioned is that she could also be held in civil contempt of court which can carry up to a year in jail in most jurisdictions. Civil contempt is on top of any other charges. Most judges don’t go the full year but the judge could at least theoretically could either replace the failure to appear charge or add the civil contempt charge to it. I don’t know what disorderly conduct carries in Arizona but more than likely if she is convicted of both the disorderly conduct and failure to appear charges and not held in civil contempt she would not do any more time because misdemeanor convictions are usually served all at the same time (concurrently), not consecutively. A civil contempt would be served consecutive to the other charges which would add significant time. Fines add up so separate fines and court costs on each charge would be assessed and Phyllisha can either pay them (the court might let her pay on a payment plan or may not — that is up to the judge) or serve additional time (it used to be one day per $10 owed but I would assume that has been increased in most states by now). She is lucky former Sheriff Arpaio isn’t still around and sheriff of whatever county Lake Havasu is in, she could have been doing time in 110 degree tents in the middle of Phoenix with chicks from the Latin Kings, Crips, Bloods and the various Mexican gangs.

  2. I should also note that if Phyllisha Anne lives in California she doesn’t likely have to do too much hiding from Arizona authorities. Misdemeanors are usually not subject to extradition. Many in Michigan aren’t even enforced in adjoining counties, we have what is known as a “25 mile pickup” order that essentially tells cops outside of the jurisdiction not to make an arrest based on the warrant alone.

  3. On twitter she said the warrant doesn’t count cause she was arrested for showing her boobs.

  4. Fisher, it that were the case her boobs should be wearing the handcuffs. Of course the article states that she was arrested for fighting so the handcuffs are appropriate to use on her wrists.

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