Phyllisha Anne (@phyllisha_anne) Felony Arrest for Drug Possession

Apparently Phyllisha Anne (@phyllisha_anne) was not happy with my story about her the other day. She took to Twitter to say it was all a lie, that the only thing she did wrong was flash her boobs. That’s not exactly true and we posted the proof, that her arrest was actually for fighting.

But that got me thinking … what else has she lied about? What else is in her past?

Phyllisha Anne

I wouldn’t have bothered digging up information on someone like her, had they not flat out lied and even worse, gone out of their way to hurt the industry by working with people like the AHF on things like measure B and AB2389. All things that would cause serious and irreparable harm to adult performers.

I’m not okay with that. I’ll never be okay with that.

Phyllisha Anne has made it clear that she only cares about herself. She wants a payday and she’ll screw over all of us to get it.


So I did some digging. I wanted the government officials she’s trying to con into working with her to know just who Phyllisha Anne really is.

Most people by now know that Phyllisha Anne spent a few years in prison in Oregon. Yes, actual prison. Upon her release, she didn’t turn over a new leaf. In fact, she has been arrested more than a few times since they let her out of prison.

Phyllisha Anne wants everyone to think she’s a leader in the adult industry. But she’s not. She’s a felon, with multiples arrests including quite a few drug-related offenses.

Phyllisha Anne only cares about Phyllisha Anne, not what is best for our industry.


And before you say oh, Kelli, you’re so mean. How could you expose all of these crimes this woman committed? Let me tell you why … because while your busy trying to make a living, she’s in talks with various officials who don’t know about her past and those talks are things that will screw you over. Things that will cost you money and in some cases, even prevent you from being able to work.

We should be working to make the lives easier of adult performers, not go out of our way to screw them over, all so we can get a payday and some of that government money.

That’s not okay. That will never be okay with me. And it is for that reason alone that I began digging into the past of Phyllisha Anne. I want the people she’s in talks with to know just what kind of person she really is.

Phyllisha Anne is a felon. She spent time in prison, got out, and didn’t learn her lesson. Instead, she went on to commit multiple other crimes.

So let’s talk about those crimes.

We’ve already revealed that in Arizona she was arrested for disorderly conduct (disturbance) and fighting. But what other arrests do we have? Well turns out there are quite a few. Here are a few I wanted to highlight.

  • July 24, 2007 – Misdemeanor ($20,000 bail)
  • February 20, 2009 – Violated parole – possession of a controlled substance
  • November 6, 2009 – Felony ($10,000 bail)
  • October 28, 2011 – Violated parole – possession narcotic Cntrl sub and under the influence of a controlled substance.
  • July 20, 2012 – Some sort of arrest – says it’s a Felony Lower-SB
  • January 5, 2013 – Violated parole
  • January 28, 2013 – Violated parole on a separate minor infraction

There were other minor infractions, violations, and arrests, but those listed above were the most interesting. Now how exactly does a person with this kind of record convince the department of labor to allow them to be head of a union?

I hope that the officials that Phyllisha Anne has been speaking with will see now just the kind of person they are dealing with.

She’s done nothing but lie and lie and lie.

But don’t take my word for it, look at her arrest record – her history of criminal violations. And that’s not even getting into the illegal prostitution that she’s been involved in over the years. But don’t worry, we’ll get to that story another day.  We’ve had quite a few people write in about Phyllisha Anne approaching them.

For now, I think I’ve made my point. Well, let’s hope so.

If however, you have a story about Phyllisha Anne or anyone on the IEAU board, feel free to write in and let us know!



650374cookie-checkPhyllisha Anne (@phyllisha_anne) Felony Arrest for Drug Possession

Phyllisha Anne (@phyllisha_anne) Felony Arrest for Drug Possession

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8 Responses

  1. I wonder if as a member of the press if you could file a freedom of information act with LA and Ventura counties and get her mug shots to post on here. Those would be very interesting to see.

    As for her “union”, I had high hopes for it but she turned it into a clusterfuck and a complete embarrassment to the industry. On top of that, per Kelli’s prior article she got arrested for fighting recently (she may have showed her boobs, too, but the article on here states she was actually arrested for drunk and disorderly — fighting, with proof). Trump needs to hire her for his White House Whore department, since he likely fucked Fuckabee and DeVosFuck he would fuck Phyllisha (he definitely did NOT hire Fuckabee for her speaking or secretarial skills). Phyllisha Anne as Secretary of the Interior — that would be interesting. That interior would be Trump’s, Pence’s and Mnuchin’s dicks in her “interior”. Hey, I want to see them get laid as much as the Make America Gape Again crew do, meaning that Phyllisha’s cunt and asshole should have gapes so large that I can slip my very large fist in them after Mnuchin fucks her with his footlong Coke can cock. With Phyllisha’s record that is the only job she will be getting that actually pays her a salary. If she has extensive experience with being a prostitute she should know how to make the Make America Gape Again crew happy and might even earn a presidential pardon once they figure out that the Constitution does not limit a sitting President to only pardoning federal crimes. 🙂

  2. I was thinking any of them. We all like to stare at them and wonder what the fuck is/was wrong with that person.

  3. Why every time you hear about a union leader you find out they are a criminal? wtf man

  4. I was alive during the Jimmy Hoffa era. I can honestly say that he did a lot more for his membership than Phyllisha has for hers. My uncle was a Teamster in the 1950’s and 1960’s, he was well protected against employers trying to force him to violate trucking law and made a good living there. Jimmy was a thief and a criminal but those were on the periphery and not his bread and butter, he did actually do a lot of good for his membership. With Phyllisha Anne she is getting arrested more often than Jimmy ever thought of being, I will forgive the drug convictions as I believe drugs should be legal, taxed and sold in liquor stores but fighting is at least a misdemeanor, forgivable depending on the circumstances and (if the accusation is correct) trying to use her mother union status to close the adult performer local for reasons other than mismanagement is felonious and certainly unacceptable (I wonder if they had some money that she wanted for her mother union or herself and we know for a fact that she was also pissed at adult film performer local leaders for not supporting several bills that if law would have at least greatly restricted or more than likely run the industry out of California altogether).

    As for union leaders being criminals, my grandfather was a union steward and then a UAW staffer from the 30’s through the 60’s, he helped start the union. I can say with absolute confidence that he was never even investigated for a crime and longtime leader Walter Reuther (who my grandfather was a friend of) was not a criminal either. Neither was Owen Bieber who was UAW leader in the 80’s. My father was on the other side of that equation, he was supervision at a local unionized military equipment plant and he was (proverbally) spitting teeth over the union getting some idiot that couldn’t do his job back to work (his back was broken when he tried to escort a drunk as a skunk employee to the door, that employee managed to get hold of a 60-70 pound, two cylinder engine and throw it at his lower back, they kept the employee on and it cost them big). Another uncle working in a union shop across town thought that was lunacy, at the time his shop was heavily unionized but his local didn’t have that kind of power. My grandmother also worked at an airplane factory during the 30’s-40’s, they didn’t put up with criminal or asinine bullshit, either and they were one of the first to unionize in my area.

  5. Phyllisha Ann has done nothing for her members or anyone else for that matter. Phyllisha Ann only cares about Phyllisha Ann. There is not a single thing anyone can name that she did (positive).

  6. That about sums Phyllisha up, Kelli. Even prison didn’t teach her to behave. I don’t know what the fuck her problem is but she is going to end up back in prison if she doesn’t figure out a way to get off of the drugs and behave. I think it is time for a poll:

    How long before Phyllisha Anne goes back to jail or prison for some idiotic criminal conviction (not just an arrest or pre-trial detention):
    A: Six weeks
    B: Three months
    C: Six months
    D: Twelve months
    E: She finally learned her lesson
    F: The drugs will kill her before she has a chance to go back to jail or prison on a conviction

    Also, here is another question: How many dicks will Phyllisha Anne suck and fuck to get her drugs this month:
    A: 5
    B: 10
    C: 15
    D: 20
    E: Over 100

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