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The Annual Awards:

Porn’s Cutest Couple : That would have to be Christian X and Ben English, I hear they hold hands and skip to the gym together.

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Wankus Accepts:

Mr Tyler Faith writes: Oh my god, I won! I’m so excited! I would like to thank the fans…especially Lawrence Skinectity who was in the

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Don Writes:

For the Love of God South PLEASE put up more pictures of Tiffany, she is the most stunning girl I have ever seen, nobody in

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BT Writes:

Okay, Mike, I’m not a rocket scientist, but apparently Tara Moon is. Happened to see an interview with her on Luke’s site, where she claims

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10,000 Hours

Malcolm Gladwell is a downright sexy man. He may not look it but it’s down there lurking, it’s hanging out somewhere deep and undetectable. He’s

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BT Writes About The Classics:

Now, that is an interesting question. I couldn’t agree with you more, and I think the question even goes beyond traditional classics, like who’s composing

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Chili Palmer Writes:

Hey South, I see where the boyz over at AVN announced that Metro signed Bridgette Kerkove to a directing deal. I have a couple of

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Another Exclusive! The first pics from the movie “Wonderland” about John Holmes. That’s Val Kilmer as Holmes…kinda eerie that the guy who looked so much

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