Wankus Accepts:

Mr Tyler Faith writes:

Oh my god, I won! I’m so excited! I would like to thank the fans…especially Lawrence Skinectity who was in the front row at Al’s Caberet and pinched my ass when I was mopping dollar bills off the floor in front of screaming fans. I want to thank my mother for pushing me to get a top rate education so I could take those skills and apply them to buttoning a bustier’ [boo-stee-aye]. I want to thank the driver from Club Elite in Pennsylvania for not getting mad at me when I punched him in the face because I was jealous that he was talking to my girl outside the club, not realizing that he was just trying to help me by carrying her bags to the car. And finally, I’d really like to thank my boss, Tyler Faith for providing me with a salary to pay for my bandanas and arm bands since I can’t afford them alone on my KSEXradio salary. You’re all the best! I hope 2006 brings in more rewards for Mr. Tyler Faith because god knows, I have no life without Tyler!

OK It’s That Time of Year Again:

Yes it’s time for me to pull the annual mikesouth.com awards outta my posterior for posterity. Let’s see what my razor sharp wit can come up with tonight.

Best Shill That Has Had No Effect:

Gene Ross shilling for Skeeter, Note to skeeter if yer going to buy someone…buy someone with credibility…It costs more but then ya get what you pay for.

Best Porn Satire:

Hands down www.pornohs.com Brad is the shit!

Best PR Person:

A-Dell Takes her job a bit too seriously at times but truth is ain’t nobody better, even if she is majorly pissed at me.

Best Airbrushing:

Digital Playground on Janine’s promo, even though they had to cut off her arm..

Best Suitcase Pimp:

Every year this one is HOTLY contested and with Tim Case outta the picture this year it’s a tough call…Ya got DJ Batman (Thats Mr Reagan Anthony to you), he has let Reagan work with other guys now, Ya Got Evan Seinfeld (Thats Mr Tera Patrick to you) but he doesn’t let his girl work with anyone but a certain over tattooed washed up has been from Rock n Roll named Tick Jonez or something like that, Then there’s Wankus aka Mr Tyler Faith but he is slipping, as both he and Tyler have been off the radar for a couple of months….leaving a dark horse named Mike Moz ( That’s Mr Stormy Daniels to you)…And the winner is!

A TIE!.. Mr Stormy Daniels and Mr Tyler Faith…may your backs remain strong and your pockets full of dollar bill tips youpicked up off the stage.

Funniest Chick Blog, Funniest Blog too:

Theworldofgoddess.com yes she rambles way too much about overweight doughnut eating highschool losers turned cops but she does update every damn day and she is funny when not writing about said doughnut devoring egomaniacs.

Best Site Gone To Shit:

www.lukeford.com may as well rename it to pimpingtaylorrain.com.

Best Use Of A Bullet:

Rob Black

Best Argument For Abortion Rights:

Rob Black

Best Ten Dollar Diploma:

Sharon Mitchell’s PhD. It isn’t real, her education consists of a GED and that diploma, no BS, no MS, no published thesis…if that’s a real doctorate I’m a brain surgeon….

Best Place To Hang out In Dayton:

The Flamingo Showclub Manager’s Office. It’s the best reality show I ever saw.

Best Music To Come Out of Porn:

Wank Punter finally, porn music that doesn’t suck.

Best Guy In Porn You Never Heard of:


Best Top Ten Lists:

Harry Weiss eho should send me a new best top ten list

Two Most Feared people In Porn:

Let’s put it this way…Adella is one of em, and she sends me Christmas Cards…

The Good Riddance Award:

Howard Stern. He beat out John Ashcroft…that’s sayin something.

Most Overhyped Untalented Person Award:

Gee there’s so many….let’s start with Eon McKai and end with…Eon Mckai…Nic Andrews would like to thank Eon for appearing in porn…

Best Contract Girl:

Carmen Luvana

Best Movie Premiere:

Pirates, nothing else was even close

Worst Script and Best Cinematography:

Catherine, If you removed the words fuck, cunt and whore from the script it doesn’t amount to more than a page of dialogue.

Good Riddance Award part 2:

David Christopher…I mean he is gone right?

Best Gonzo Company:

Red Light District/Platinum X. They deliver what they promise.

Best Porn I Never See Anymore But Used To Like:

Jack’s Playground….Adella cut me off…

Best Porn Weekend:

The Tampa Show

Best Place To Fish With a Porn Star:

Mexico Beach

Best Place To Meet a Pornchick:

Adult Expo

Best 800 Lb Gorilla:

AVN, who else

OK Im out…if y’all have any please send em my way…

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Wankus Accepts:

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