SHOCKER: Greg Lansky Parts Ways with Vixen Media Group

BREAKING: Multi-award winning adult film director Greg Lansky will be leaving Vixen Media Group. An official announcement about this shocker will be released shortly.

The organization has been in an odd state of suspense for some time, according to insiders at Vixen / Tushy / Blacked and GL Media, who state that Lansky has not been to the office in a couple of months. During this period, industry vet Mike Moz has stepped up as second in command.

The big winner in all this will likely be Motley Models, because of its close ties to Moz.

In December, Vixen Media Group publicist Brian Gross denied rumors that the iconic Lansky was departing.

We will update this story shortly, when the official announcement is released.

SHOCKER: Greg Lansky Parts Ways with Vixen Media Group


Greg Lansky has released the following statement on Twitter. The press release from Vixen Media Group follows:

SHOCKER: Greg Lansky Parts Ways with Vixen Media Group SHOCKER: Greg Lansky Parts Ways with Vixen Media Group


Vixen Media Group board of directors announce that co-founder, Greg Lansky has sold his full stake in the company to focus on new business ventures.

All VMG co-founders confirm this to be effective immediately and go on to explain that Lansky is looking to build and invest in a new startup company within the cannabis space to be announced soon.

Greg Lansky is quoted as saying: “It has been an incredible journey where together with my business partners, Steve Matthyssen and Mike Miller, we built legacy brands and an incredibly successful company at a time when the industry was at an all-time low. I am so proud of the work we did together. As a team, we revolutionized the adult industry and created new standards of quality that put VMG in a unique position in the market. This is a new year, and with the company’s all-star creative, production and management team, I feel it’s the right time for me to move on and focus on my new business opportunities in the cannabis space.”

Lansky added: “I want to thank the entire team for their dedication to VMG’s commitment to excellence. I also want to personally thank Steve and Mike for their incredible work, support, and determination throughout the years. Steve and Mike are extremely talented and there’s no doubt they will do an outstanding job for the future of this company.”

Founded in May 2014, VMG is the fastest-growing adult empire in history, year over year. The company’s unwavering vision has turned out some of the world’s most iconic adult brands with a massive reach that goes well beyond the adult space.

“Almost 6 years and six brands later, I take immense pride in the accomplishments we have achieved together,” said Mike Miller, co-founder of VMG. “Collaborating on this venture has been a pivotal part of our careers and Greg’s contributions as a founding member of this business will always be remembered.”

Steve Matthyssen – CEO & co-founder: I couldn’t be more grateful for the company we’ve built together and wish Greg nothing but success in his new ventures. Undoubtedly, he will move on to do great things in all of his pursuits. We’ve made serious history in this company and I’d like to extend my gratitude and appreciation for years of collaboration together.”

Matthyssen goes on to say: “I confidently say that Vixen Media Group has never been in a better position. Behind the scenes, there has always been a stellar team with unparalleled dedication and passion. Their drive is something that inspires me on a daily basis which perpetually fuels my motivation to lead our charge. Needless to say, we are looking forward to unlocking some major potential in 2020 and onwards.”

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SHOCKER: Greg Lansky Parts Ways with Vixen Media Group

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9 Responses

  1. Hey man, the guy wants to cash out and do other things. I’m sure he’s made a bundle. And I really enjoy his stuff but it has been getting a little stale lately. I mean there is only so much a person can do with sex. Probably is tired of dealing with all the red tape year after year between the EU and the U.S.

    Dakota James was my favorite Lansky girl. I love those early scenes. Just the hottest blondes ever.

  2. Legalized Cannibas is where its at. As more states legalize it there will be more business opportunities for a smart person to make boatloads of cash.

  3. I hope they sold to a company that will continue as-is and not a certain company that buys companies, cuts costs wherever it can and makes cookie-cutter content that doesn’t have the high production values of Lansky’s product.

  4. @Mharris, there is nothing being “sold” per se. It’s mostly one partner selling out his shares to the others. The company is in the same hands as it was before, only minus one founding member.

  5. I feel a little better about that, Kelli. The article was unclear about who the shares were sold to. I just hope that with the money paid out to Lansky that production doesn’t suffer. I would have to guess that the buyout of Lansky’s shares had to cost a few million dollars because the company was so successful — you could make a lot of high class porn for that money.

    As for getting into cannabis, I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole coated in district asshole (attorney), Assholes, Ticks and (cocksucking mother) Fuckers (ATF) and Federal Bureau of Imbeciles (FBI) repellent. That shit is still federally illegal and RICO laws would apply — meaning that Lansky could see decades in prison for that little misstep. I thought he was smarter than that, I wonder what drugs he is using to cause him take that route (and I am not talking about weed). Kelli herself has said a few times that when you break the law you risk being arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced to prison (to be tortured — US prison is designed to torture people and that is true in much of the world as well).

  6. Karmafan, he can boatloads of cash selling legalises drugs instead of buttloads of cash selling legalized prostitution?

  7. Do you think online piracy could be a reason he is getting out of the business? His videos are in beautiful locations all over the globe and maybe he thinks it’s not worth it to spend high dollar amounts in porn anymore because it ends up on the net for free.

    I’ve actually purchased subs to his sites over the years when he runs the holiday sales and I enjoy the content. I still don’t understand how people are making money on Pornhub…

  8. Mr. Big, not many prisons in the US get the NFL network, either. There is a law that states that all prisons must have basic cable but most internally limit the channels to something like The Weather Channel and Fux Booz (Fox News). Certainly nothing entertaining would be allowed on most prison televisions.

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