Jamie Excoriates Jules Jordan

(Generally I wouldn’t post links to these but I think it does a nice job of illustrating the point…and an awful lot of these links are owned by Jules Butt Buddies, Brazzers….way to go Jules! Yer a real piracy fighter boy, let me tell ya. )

Note: I sent this to Jules asking for a response…he didn’t respond.

Dear Mike South,

I have been sending out email lists of stolen material  on tube sites to multiple x-rated companies. The people  who responded to my emails include Jeff Mullen of All Media Play, Tricia Devereaux, Adella of Digital  Playground, Heth Mares of Wicked Pictures, Robert  Interlandi of Arrow films and Janeen Gensen of New  Sensations. I have sent emails to 3 different people at Vivid Video and I got no response. I sent an email to Bonnie at Jules Jordan Video. I did a follow up call over 2 months later and I talked to a woman on the phone. She said that Jules Jordan Video reads all their emails but I should not expect a response to my emails. I later on sent an email to Jules Jordan’s lawyer and I did not get a response to that email either. It’s ironic that many of Jules Jordan Video’s movies are on sites sponsored by Brazzers. Jules Jordan is distributing their movies but they don’t seem to be doing anything to help him out as far as piracy goes. At the bottom of my email is a list of links from tube sites that have scenes from Jules Jordan Video movies.

I have emailed a bunch of other companies and I got  no responses from them either. I work for Carnal Comics Entire stories of our porn star biography comic books  have been put on websites without our permission. We our in the same position that the porn companies are in because of the widespread piracy on the internet.

Jamie Gardner


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Jamie Excoriates Jules Jordan

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  1. Mike: When you get a chance, check out the story on Janine going back to a halfway house for violating the terms of her release. Now, using porn star logic, Janine says: What violations. I asked them and they couldn’t name one. Flash back about four weeks, and she was videotaped before doing a scene for Brazzers – and she says on camera: Well, this is probably going to get me in trouble because the judge said no adult. Only in porn.

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