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This had only been up a few minutes when the young lady who made the remark notified me that she wanted credit for it…

The girl is Bailey Brooks, she is with ocmodeling and I have to say she is buttloads of fun to shoot. When the girl in a blowbang says put your tongue back in my asshole, I’m about to cum, you know you have a winner.

I was shooting Bailey Brooks last weekend and I remarked that she had lost some weight and that she didn’t need to lose anymore.

She said, Ya I know I don’t know why but I just cant seem to gain weight, I’m anemic too but I take vitamins and Iron supplement and I’m not a vegan or anything, I love red meat and all.

I comment maybe she should see a doctor, she might have a tape worm or something

She replies:

Well if I do they aren’t taking it out. I like not gaining weight.

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Stripper Quote of the Day

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  1. f*ckin a Mike. every girl you’ve plugged so far brings me instant joy(boner)….lol

  2. Thanks brudda

    I tell ya im more in tune with attitude than with looks, not to say bailey isnt hot but her attitude and the fact that she isnt just collecting a paycheck makes girls like her, Lindsey, Jada and such a real joy to work with.

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