Ooops! @Vixen Gets Twitter Account Suspended

Today is not a good day for Vixen. First, they hire Wicked’s trash, now they lost their Twitter account too!

As we reported last, just a month ago, Twitter is cracking down on accounts that violate their rules. Today Vixen lost their account, like ModelCentro, and Clips4Sale did in January.

Rumor has it, Vixen Media Group paid a crazy amount of money (some say as much as six figures) to buy the @vixen name as well. A name that now may be lost for good.

For those of you out there thinking your safe because Twitter allows porn, think again. You have to actually contribute to the Twitter community – you just can’t use it as a spam factory.

Here are the three rules you need to follow (taken from this previous post). There are only 3 rules, If you can’t follow 3 simple rules then I don’t know what to tell you.

Rule #1

Do not post pornography in your header or avatar. This also means you can’t promote pornographic websites in your header or avatar image. This means no porn company watermarks. I can’t tell you how many times I see a girl with a non-nude image in your header but then she has a logo of a porn company. THAT IS A VIOLATION OF THE RULES.

In your header or avatar, do not promote porn. Do not display porn. How confusing is this? I don’t care what any director tries to con you into, do not do it. PERIOD. I can’t begin to tell you how many girls accounts CamSoda has gotten banned on Instagram, but probably a few with Twitter too. Don’t put on a CamSoda t-shirt (or whatever) and then post that image in your header or avatar. THAT IS PROMOTING A PORNOGRAPHIC WEBSITE.

Rule #2

Don’t be a spammer. Actually, be a part of the Twitter community. The rule of thumb (guideline not actual rule here) is to follow the 80/20 method. This means if you tweet 10 times, 8 should be real tweets, 2 can be promotional. Now let’s talk specifics. If your timeline is nothing but Tweets about joining your OnlyFans or promoting a video sale you just made on ManyVids, then you are a Twitter spammer and your account is at risk.

This applies to auto-tweets. Look at this girl’s timeline. it’s nothing but tweeting about her FanCentro joins. That is considered SPAM!

You have to tweet real tweets – talk about your day, reply to tweets those that you follow have made. You must make a real and genuine effort to be a part of the Twitter community.

Rule #3

Don’t post obscenity or other illegal content. Remember just because you don’t agree with the rule, doesn’t make it any less of a rule. You break it, you risk losing your account. So what is obscene content?  I’ve written about it before. You can read about it in more detail here.

But the long and short of it is, don’t post images or videos featuring violence, blood, rape fantasy, urination, or poop. And yes squirting falls under that category. You don’t have to agree with it, but it is what it is. Excess bodily fluids are problematic.

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Ooops! @Vixen Gets Twitter Account Suspended

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7 Responses

  1. Many/Most porn girls post nothing except daily posts spamming their OF account and using TW to funnel fans to their OF. You can check Rita Faltoyano, Sha Rizel, and many other girls TW timeline and it is nothing but posts sending people to their OF. The girls do the same thing with their IG accounts too.

  2. I have one related question, Kelli. What about a Twitter bio? Are performers/directors/producers allowed to link to a pornographic company’s website in a Twitter bio? I ask because it is too related to a header or avatar to just assume that it is OK to link to a porn site there.

    I would also love an article with the dirt on what happened at Wicked (other than the Gamma buyout) to cause Brad Armstrong to get his ass kicked to the curb or quit. I haven’t come across any information about him being accused of sexual assault (which gets a director fired whether he did it or not at Gamma) or anything else that would cause an automatic firing (I won’t hold him responsible for what his wife Jessica possibly did to push August Ames into a suicide — and Gamma kept her on the payroll). The AVN article stated that Brad was about to move to a “secluded beach in the Bahamas” when Vixen called him with what I would guess was an irresistible offer to work for them for a measly six months and make six figures to do so. I suspect that Brad’s skill set and Gamma’s is different as Brad did mainly features whereas Gamma does a lot of vignettes so I don’t expect his contract to be renewed but you never know — he might adapt well and spend another 25 years there.

  3. For now @MHarris it has been allowed however I suspect that won’t be the case for long, as the link is outside the censored area like your header and avatar is.

    And let’s be real. They did NOT call him. He went begging for that job. You and I both know they didn’t call him LOL

  4. Bangbros lost their account with 500k followers. They put titty pics in their header. Not sure why the adult industry ignores switter and justforfans. Platforms made especially for 18+/NSFW activities.

  5. Porn and adult content is just another boogie man for politicians. Soon the pendulum might just swing in the opposite direction . There was once a war on drugs

  6. Kelli, I think my comment about Brad Armstrong getting called by someone at Vixen with a job offer was sort of phrased in a manner that showed that I question the accuracy of the AVN article and his ability to do the work that Vixen is known for. I also screwed up the last sentence of my comment stating Gamma when I meant Vixen (I think that is obvious). The fact that Gamma also does mainly vignettes and Brad did almost exclusively full-length features might explain why Bree canned his ass, though (although they kept his wife who helped drive August Ames into suicide). Why Vixen (which does similar although classier work) hired Brad with his skill set so different, I don’t know. I hope you have had a chance to read the AVN article, you will be LOLing hard before you even finish the article (I am not even saying that Brad was a bad director, however, his skill set is way different than Vixen’s content).

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