This Is the Second Time War Machine Has beat Up Christy Mack

According to my sources he did it about a year ago as well.

In a just world him and Bosco aka Howard Cohen  would be cell mates.



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This Is the Second Time War Machine Has beat Up Christy Mack

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  1. This is overall an extremely sad situation of a girl who got completely brainwashed and taken advantage of.

    Unfortunately, I think Christy Mack had 100’s of times to walk away from this guy, yet she CHOSE to go back every single time. Her friends warned her, other people warned her, she still went back to that guy every single time.

    I know few females read this forum, but I would love to understand the mindset how a women can take this kind of abuse from a guy, and have no problem returning over and over again. I know men are never supposed to 100% fully understand women, but I just don’t get how a girl as gorgeous as Christy Mack allows herself to get caught up with an asshole like War Machine.

    I’m not blaming Christy for any of this. But Women in general need to start making better choices of who their significant other is. But then again this is porn we are talking about…..

  2. It’s very common in stripclubs as well. So many of these women are drawn to men who abuse them, it makes me sick sometimes. All too often they & their friends then blame all men everywhere for being at fault. Doesn’t stop me from protecting the ones I know when the situations arise. But it does get really fucking old after a while, watching them pick these guys repeatedly.

  3. Its her fault she got tossed a beating. ..

    The 1st time he did it it was his fault. She should have kicked his ass to the curb and walked away. Guys that beat up the woman they supposedly love never stop hitting them without a serious attempt at getting help..

  4. Well, as hard as it is to explain it’s even harder to understand. Just know that it’s extremely manipulative and psychological. Literally.

    Most partners don’t stay or get back together with abusers for one particular reason. It’s usually a combination of: hope they will change, the attention given to them after “the beating” or “incident,” or even because they subconsciously feel they deserve it without being fully cognizant of this fact.

    It all extremely psychological. It’s not just some person who actually enjoys getting the shit beaten out of them for no reason.

    The key part is usually the attention and the “I’m soooo sorry” after the fact that becomes like a psychotic drug that abuse victims crave. Abusers are always master manipulators. Always….

    It’s a vicious cycle. That’s the best way I can explain it from a psychological perspective.

  5. While I agree she should have kicked him to the curb a long fucking time ago, I wouldn’t say she deserved anything.

    Past behavior generally predicts future behavior. It’s a simple fact. Unless help is sought out, very little will ever change. Any psychologist would tell you the same exact thing.

  6. The dude makes a living knocking motherfuckers out. He is prone to violence in an instant.

    The rumors are flying around that WM came home and found her bopping someone else and thats what set him off.

  7. The scenario War Machine is painting is that he was coming home to surprise Christy with a proposal before this big tatoo event in Vegas. She apparently thought he was out of town, he tried to surprise her and she was caught with another MMA fighter/random guy in their house. War Machine freaked out beat Christy Mack up so bad that apparently she has a broken collar bone and a broken jaw.

    I am praying to god she does not need jaw wires, because if that is the case he literally beat her so bad that the bone dislodged. It’s disgusting. I can understand being emotional and pissed off that your spouse is cheating on you. But how can you beat them so badly if you love them?

    I agree 100% with @Lacey it’s a complete mental thing, kinda like a pimp and his “stable.” Women aren’t 100% innocent in the situation, but one of the golden rules of life is not to lay hands on a women regardless. No excuses.

    I hope Christy Mack a speedy recovery, and I hope War Machine gets caught, or does himself a favor and puts a bullet in the back of his skull like he truly deserves.

  8. He doesnt make a living knocking people out. He has a 14-5 record, loosing two of his last three fights, in a fighting organization that is eqaual to 2A baseball. And four, some would say five, of his victories were against opponents that had no business being in any kind of professional ring. He is a two bit fighter at best, and wouldnt last two minutes against any top rated fighter.

    Does anyone know the source of these ‘rumors’ of her supposedly cheating on him? Are they actually married?

  9. TMZ for one:

    Porn star Christy Mack can barely speak after the beating in which her boyfriend War Machine is the prime suspect … TMZ has learned.

    As we previously reported … police say War Machine was involved in a 3-person altercation early Friday morning at their home in Vegas. One of the victims was described as the fighter’s “significant other” — and now Mack’s rep confirms she was involved.

    We’re told the porn star is currently in “very bad shape” and afraid for her life.

    Christy’s rep says they’re unclear about what happened in their home … because Mack’s injuries have made it difficult for her to speak.

    The rep also says Christy’s family and friends are willing to pony up a $5000 reward to anyone who can help police locate the fugitive MMA fighter.

    Las Vegas police say they are unaware of the reward.

    The rep adds, “We just want to find him. We are all very scared.”

  10. By rumors I meant, he came home and she was with someone else,,,as if trying to mitigate he responsibility, and this was an emotional outburst because he walked in on her with someone else.

    Does anyone have a source for this RUMOR.

  11. “The scenario War Machine is painting” is he speaking publicly about this? If so where, or is this just someobody heard that someobody heard that he said this and that?

  12. The SOB is still posting stuff to twitter and sending Christy messages.

    $5,000 reward out there apparently if anyone knows his whereabouts.

  13. I saw War Machine’s latest tweet. I think he’s literally trying to “paint a picture” and is being coached as to what to tweet. Notice the pattern of the abuser utilizing marriage to “lock in” his victim?

  14. Well, this is THE END of War Machine. I thought the name was stellar but I knew he’d never amount to anything when he got sent to the slammer for 12 months. You can’t take that much time off, you lose too much.

    He’s finished; they’ll prolly never catch him alive.

  15. I would pay to see a match between the three top MMA fighters and War Machine. Evidently being in AA MMA fighting is enough to make him one hell of a fighter capable of doing great bodily harm.

    BTW in many states someone like this that is involved with MMA, karate, boxing, etc. are required to register their hands and fists as deadly weapons which if used illicitly like this would require long prison terms. I had an old friend who has/had such a registration in his home state from his involvement in karate. Evidently California is not one of them since War Machine got only 12 months last time. We will see what a Nevada judge does to him soon, I hope it is one hell of a lot more than 12 months!

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