Why It Is Good That Republicans Took The Senate

I voted yesterday, not because it is my right but because it is my duty.  I carefully examined the positions of each of the candidates and voted Libertarian where I could a split ticket in other races.

One thing I heard someone say was “I would vote Libertarian but that’s just a vote for Michelle Nunn”  I fought with everything I had to keep from calling this woman a complete fucking moron.  The senate race in GA was supposed to be very very close, too close to call and with even a 5% Libertarian turnout it was thought that the race could be forced into a runoff with Libertarian vote preventing either candidate from getting the required 50.01% of the vote.

At that point the two candidates have to convince the Libertarian vote that they are the more Libertarian of the two and that does nothing but help the Libertarian party.

This woman can’t help her ignorance though, she has been manipulated by both the Democrats and the Republicans to believe the way she does, they have a monopoly on the government and they don’t want to give it up, didnt matter who you voted for out of those two you will elect a scumbag.

The one good thing is that the Republicans took the Senate.  I say that because it has been my experience that when we have opposing parties in the legislative and the executive branch we tend to prosper…..They spend so much time fucking each other that they dont have any time left to fuck us and we get left alone.


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Why It Is Good That Republicans Took The Senate

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2 Responses

  1. I for one am OVERJOYED that the American people came to their senses and voted these dems out!!! hopefully now that the republicans control both the senate and the house they will actually DO something to prevent the golfer in chief from destroying the country any further then he already has. how about closing the effing boarder and stopping this wantabe dictator from moving forward with an executive order on immigration reform for a start!!

    obola is the WORST president we have EVER had! not sure if he is deliberately trying to turn us into a third world country or if he’s just stupid but he should have never be voted in once let alone twice!!! that clown isn’t qualified to run a lemonade stand let alone the United States of America!!!

  2. I voted Libertarian also on our ticket the choices in the main two parties sucked. I would be more included to vote Republican except for the religious and conservative sides. I believe in women rights, I believe in guns, I believe in the constitution as the law of the land. I seriously believe all politicians are greed feed power hungry monster that could give two shits about the American people or what we want. I am sick of the PC movement and the stifling of original thoughts and actions. I am sick of two sides that can’t figure out anything and are useless. I can’t stand the President I voted for him twice and he is a complete moron. Lastly I truly believe the only way adult will be forced to actually look out for the performers is with legislation mandating condom use. It is such a simple action that really takes nothing way from the content. If you want cream pies hire talent that is married to the other. Get a copy of their marriage license. Or mandate same day or one day testing.

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