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Well it seems Alexa has turned to the worlds second oldest profession with perfection models ran by Keith who also goes by KJ.Then again I’m hearing things about Perfection Models

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Shannon sends this one:

Dear Mike, I saw where the losers at generossexcrement were giving you a ration today. What’s up with that anyway, I was with you in Las Vegas when you confronted

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From Tabetha Yang

This is tearing me up – but I have to put out SOMETHING on her behalf; “Chicago, IL. New Adult starlet and co-host to the diversely funny cable show “Collin’s

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It is reported on AM 700 WLW that Elyse Metcalf is in “critical condition” and is “fighting for her life”. The news I am getting is breaking but apparently there

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EAT YOUR HEART OUT GODDESS! (from Cori Love) The link to My Oxford American Profile is HERE! There were some subtle changes in the text for what I really said

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Ridley99 writes on RAME

“who needs John Ashcroft or the LAPD to destroy the porn industry. Robert Black can do the job all by himself. While others toned down thier stuff in the imminent

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