A fellow on RAME writes: and I answer….

Hello all,
Im new to this message board (1st timer) and want to know about the adult industry. I have two attractive models (girlfriends) that are willing to do a movie with each other in hopes of making some cash. They will work for free with an agreement to recieve a % of profit from the movie.

Work for free is pretty much exactly what they are going to do.

I can shoot the film and need advice on editting with S-VHS tapes, and possibly Mini-DV as well. What type of software should I use?

You should be more concerned about the camera you use, SVHS is unacceptable a 3 chip miniDV would be the minimum.

Much more important than editting is making money for the girls and I. If I end up shooting a well made video that has rather unique content and is marketable, how do we get paid?

Most likely by a bad check if you even manage to sell it.

basically once I have the master tape in hand, where do i goto next?

To CVS for some Lube…yer gonna need it.

How do I sell it to a distributer?

Any way you can.

What type of money is reasonable to make/demand from a company?

whatever they will pay.

Where do I goto find these companys?

Adult Video News Magazine

I have found only one (Domain Girls) and they will not reply to my messages….frustrating to say the least. I guess they don’t feel the need to respond to me for whatever reason.

Probably because you don’t have anything they can sell.

Is there a book or guide on this type of stuff? I’ve been looking for weeks as to getting this project started and think I will go nuts if nobody can simply tell me what to do with a master tape of two hot
girls have intense sex.

dust it off every six months or so.

Also, what legal info do I need to know about, I know there is a specific form to be filled out with each model, what is it?

Yes it is called a model release

Where do I find it?

Most photography stores carry them but the ones they carry arent well suited to adult, consult your attorney…you do have an attorney right?

I know you are going to hate these answers but they are the truth, additionally you really have nothing, two girls isn’t a girl girl tape you need about ten girls and 4 to 5 scenes.

Don’t waste your time and money my friend…leave porn to the people that understand it…I can tell from your questions you have zero knowledge of photography or videography or lighting or directing…save yourself the hassles. For a single girl girl scene you would be very lucky indeed to get 500 bucks for it…believe it.

1780cookie-checkA fellow on RAME writes: and I answer….

A fellow on RAME writes: and I answer….

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